Below you will find growing list of poll questions but please remember, our surveys are intended to be a snapshot of our readers’ opinions, not a scientific sampling.

How does attendance at your church compare with where it was 10 years ago?

How do you feel about President-elect Trump's readiness today, compared to the day after he won the election?

Which two teams do you think will play in Super Bowl LI next month?

Do you think the church should play any role in health and fitness?

Which social need has seen the greatest increase in your community in the past five years?

What number of average attendees would make you feel most comfortable in the church in which you’re a member?

Who do you think will win tonight’s NCAA College Football Playoff championship game?

Which NFC team is most likely to make it to the Super Bowl this year?

Which AFC team is most likely to make it to the Super Bowl this year?

What change would you like to make in your life in 2017?

Are you planning to travel more than 50 miles away from home sometime during this Christmas season?

What is your favorite Christmas song?

What has been your biggest accomplishment in 2016?

How long has it been since your church has been part of a church-planting effort?

How will your charitable giving look this year compared to last year?

Do you agree with Time magazine's decision to name Donald Trump the Person of the Year?

Who, if anyone, will you give Christmas gifts to this year besides members of your family?

Do you think the College Football Playoff Selection Committee chose the correct teams? Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Washington

With a month left in the calendar year, how is giving to your church's budget trending?

Are you planning to attend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services this year since Christmas is on a Sunday?

Do you agree with President-elect Trump's suggestion that people who burn the U.S. flag should lose their citizenship?

What is the most stressful part of your Christmas season?

How will you spend your Thanksgiving Day?

Are you going to do any Black Friday shopping?

Are you traveling more than 50 miles from home sometime during Thanksgiving week?

What is the most important reason you belong to a Florida Baptist church today?

How would you evaluate the health of your church in 2016?

Would you let your son or daughter participate in a sporting event or practice that took him or her out of church on Sunday?

Are you doing anything out of the ordinary today to recognize Veterans Day?

What is the single most important promise that president-elect Donald Trump must keep?

Will you be voting for a presidential candidate on Election Day?

What will be the most meaningful thing you and your family do to celebrate Christmas this year?

A study has ranked Interstate 4 as the most dangerous stretch of road in America. Do you agree?

Who is going to win Game 7 of the 2016 World Series tonight?

Do you think the FBI’s latest review of Hillary Clinton’s emails will change the outcome of the presidential election?

Which will be the more exciting college football game this weekend?

Who's going to get your vote this presidential election?

How much will you spend on Christmas gifts this year?

Early voting opened Oct. 24 in 50 Florida counties, with the rest to follow soon. When do you plan to vote?

Did the third and final presidential debate clarify how you'll be voting?

Have sports ministries been an effective way to get new families involved with your church?

What should be the most distinguishing characteristic of a Christian-run business?

What’s the most important change your church needs to make next year?

Have your plans to vote for GOP candidate Donald Trump changed after the allegations of lewd behavior toward women started to surface?

What day is your church hosting its Halloween alternative party or fall festival?

What is your favorite Bible translation?

Who do you think won the second presidential debate?

Do you think most Floridians in the path of Hurricane Matthew are taking the necessary precautions?

Have you decided on how you will vote regarding Amendment 2 (legalization of medical marijuana)?

Are you doing anything to prepare for Hurricane Matthew?

Will Tim Tebow make it to the highest level of Major League Baseball?

Who do you think won the Sept. 26th presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

Are you planning to watch the Trump-Clinton debate on Monday night?

In addition to insightful teaching of God's Word, what are the most important considerations for you when joining a Bible study?

What issue is most likely going to determine who gets your vote for president in the 2016 election?

Which of these was the most disappointing loss on Sunday?

Should churches provide sabbaticals for their senior pastors?

What's preventing you from discipling someone?

Who would get your vote if the presidential election was held today?

Which of Florida's NFL teams will have the best season in 2016?

How many Sundays a year, on average, do you miss services at your home church?

The president/CEO of LifeWay lists these as some of the reasons a church loses its evangelistic zeal. Which would you say is the No. 1 reason?

How would you rate Donald Trump’s performance during his Aug. 31 meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto?

What’s the most difficult volunteer position to fill and keep filled at your church?

Which Florida university will have the best college football season this fall?

Which style of worship do you prefer?

If the presidential election was held today, who would get your vote?

How would you describe the volume of music in the worship service you most regularly attend?

How long has your lead pastor served at your church?

Are you currently looking for a new job or paid ministry opportunity?

Do you think the mainstream media is treating the presidential candidates fairly?

How would you rate Florida's public schools?

What do you think is the No. 1 reason students don't share their faith in our public schools?

Which preseason favorite do you think is most likely to win the NCAA Division 1 football championship this season?

What is your level of interest in the Olympics taking place in Rio de Janeiro?

Do you believe students can freely share their Christian faith at public schools?

What do you think will be the decisive factor in this year’s presidential election?

Did the political conventions change your mind about either candidate?

Who do you think got the biggest boost coming out of their convention?

Given the 24/7 expectations many have for paid church staff, do you think set office hours for ministerial staff are necessary?

Do you hope the dissatisfaction shown at this year's RNC and DNC will lead to the formation of a competitive third party?

What do you think of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as Hillary Clinton's choice for vice presidential running mate?

Have you started using the Pokemon Go app?

Do you like Donald Trump's pick of Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate?

How many hurricanes do you think will hit Florida this year?

How would you describe this summer’s weather pattern in Florida?

Is the church doing everything it should be doing to help improve race relations in America?

In what direction are racial relations headed in Florida?

Is racial reconciliation the No. 1 issue facing America right now?

Do you agree with the FBI's decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton?

What are the biggest time wasters for you at work?

Does your church currently have unfilled pastoral staff or administrative assistant positions?

Do you think Britain is doing the right thing by exiting the European Union?

In what area does your church need the most help?

Did Donald Trump's meeting with conservative evangelicals this week change your opinion of him?

Last winter, we asked: What is the most important issue in the 2016 presidential election? How would you respond today?

What is the biggest challenge facing Steve Gaines, the Southern Baptist Convention's new president, right now?

What do you think is the No. 1 reason baptisms have been declining at SBC churches for so many years?

Who do you think is going to be the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention?

What is the biggest challenge facing Southern Baptists right now?

Who benefits the most if Bernie Sanders drops out of the presidential race? (listed alphabetically)

Who would you vote for if the presidential election were held today? (Listed alphabetically)

Do you think Florida will be hit by a hurricane in 2016?

Will Gov. Rick Scott’s decision not to join the lawsuit opposing Obama’s transgender directive for public schools make you re-think political support for him?

How much of an emphasis do you feel your church places on corporate prayer?

What is the No. 1 distraction for teen drivers, according to new AAA research? (Other passengers is the No. 1 cause:

Did the Cincinnati Zoo do the right thing by shooting and killing a 400-pound gorilla to protect a 4-year-old boy who had entered the animal's exhibit?

Should Florida join the 11 states suing President Obama because of his transgender bathroom directive?

Who is Donald Trump most likely to name as his vice presidential running mate?

What is your church's Vacation Bible School strategy for this summer?

Should the state of Florida issue a Zika virus warning for pregnant women in Florida?

Who do you think will win this year's Players Championship?

Was Russell Moore’s tit-for-tat on Twitter, Sunday talk shows the most appropriate way to respond to Donald Trump?

What are the most important things Florida Baptists could do for military families?

If the presidential election were held today, who would get your vote?

Why don't more Florida Baptist churches minister to military families?

Which Florida team has more needs going into this year's NFL draft?

What is your favorite Florida weather pattern?

What strategies could bring the most unity between African-American and Anglo Baptists in Florida?

What does your church need the most?

Who do you hope will win Tuesday’s primaries in New York state?

Who do you think is going to be the Republican presidential nominee following the GOP Convention?

What do you rely on the most when making major life decisions?

What is your favorite social media application?

Our April 7 cover story is about online dating. Have you ever used a Christian-based online dating website?

Where are you planning to vacation this year?

Who do you think is going to win Tuesday’s Wisconsin primaries?

Who is going to win tonight's NCAA March Madness championship game?

What should Donald Trump do in response to his campaign manager being charged with simple battery?

Which of these presidential candidates would do the best job on foreign policy issues? (listed alphabetically)

Which two teams are going to play for the NCAA National Championship?

Is your church holding extra services this Easter weekend?

How are you showing your support for the victims of the Belgium terror attacks?

How engaged are you in your local church?

Do you think Marco Rubio will run for any more elected offices?

What was the biggest surprise from the March 15 primaries?

Who are you voting for in today's Florida Primaries? (Listed alphabetically)

Did this weekend’s events surrounding the cancellation of a Donald Trump rally in Chicago change your opinion of him?

Have you decided who you are going to vote for in the Florida primaries on March 15?

Is your pastor saying anything about the presidential race from the pulpit of your church?

Who are you going to vote for in the March 15 Florida primaries? (Candidates listed in alpha order)

What’s the biggest challenge facing your church this year?

Has David Platt handled the IMB's organizational reset in the best possible manner?

Were you surprised by any of Super Tuesday’s results?

How do you feel about the GOP presidential candidates’ name calling?

Should churches recommend a gap in time between when children make a profession of faith and when they are allowed to be baptized?

What is the most important issue in the 2016 presidential election?

Are you surprised that Donald Trump is gaining strength among voters who identify themselves as evangelicals?

Do you think further steps to normalize U.S. relations with Cuba will hinder the advance of religious freedom in the island nation?

Who do you think will win Saturday's South Carolina Republican presidential primary?

Are you planning to see the faith-based movie "Risen," which opens in theaters Friday?

What method will you use to vote in Florida's presidential primary on March 15?

What are you doing for the love of your life on Valentine’s Day?

A measure that would allow the use of medical marijuana has received enough signatures to be on the November ballot. Where do you stand?

Odds makers already have spoken. Which of these early favorites do you think will win Super Bowl 51 next year?

What's your biggest obstacle to attending a short-term missions trip in 2016?

Are Florida Baptists doing enough to help victims of domestic abuse?

Were you surprised that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton won their respective Iowa caucuses?

When are you planning to file your taxes?

Are you planning to attend a Christian conference this year?

What is your preferred method for Christian discipleship?

Is your church holding a community outreach event for Valentine's Day?

Who is going to win Super Bowl 50?

What role should your church play in helping survivors of suicide cope with their loss?

Will Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump for president prove to be beneficial?

Which NFL teams are going to play in Super Bowl 50?

Weather-wise, what is your favorite month of the year for Florida?

What is the hardest thing for Christians to do when it comes to politics?

Florida’s Cooperative Program giving in 2015 was up 0.44 percent compared to the previous year, the first increase since 2007. How do you think Florida’s CP giving will trend in 2016?

President Obama will deliver the State of the Union address tonight. What's the most important issue facing America right now?

Will you or have you purchased a ticket for the $1.4 billion Powerball jackpot?

What is the most important thing a church plant would have to offer before you would consider being part of a startup?

What is the most important values-related issue facing the Florida Legislature in 2016?

Do you favor President Obama’s executive orders to expand background checks for gun buyers that would, among other things, narrow the so-called “gun-show loophole”?

Who is going to win the College Football Playoff championship game next Monday night?

When you consider everything going on in your life and in the world, how do you feel going into 2016?

What is your primary goal or resolution for 2016?

Do you spend as much time as you would like helping your kids with school work and related responsibilities?

Do you think Star Wars: The Force Awakens will beat Jurassic World to set an all-time record for opening weekend ticket revenue?

Who do you think won the Dec. 15th GOP debate in Las Vegas? We list candidates in alphabetical order.

What is the most important issue with moral overtones that the Florida Legislature will face in 2016?

What is your biggest accomplishment of 2015?

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Who, if anyone, do you give Christmas gifts to aside from family members?

Does Donald Trump’s recommendation to block all Muslims who are not U.S. citizens from entering the United States change your views on him as a presidential candidate?

What is your biggest stress creator this Christmas season?

Do you think the right teams--Clemson, Alabama, Michigan State and Oklahoma--are in the college football playoff?

Do you or someone you know typically suffer from the blues during the Christmas holiday season?

How much money do you plan to spend on Christmas presents in 2015?

How do you feel about the direction the Florida Baptist Convention is taking?

Will you do more Christmas shopping online or in person this year?

Who is going to win Saturday's football game: Florida or Florida State?

Aside from your relationship with Jesus Christ, what are you most grateful for this Thanksgiving season?

What are your travel plans for Thanksgiving?

Should the ISIS attacks against France and other countries bring the United States into war against the terrorist state?

Will current student protests about issues related to racial tension help bring a resolution?

What responsibilities do you have for the care of your parents?

How would you gauge your church’s stability at the present time?

Has your financial support to the church where you are a member changed in the past year?

The City of Jacksonville is going to pay for half the improvements to EverBank Field. Should Florida taxpayers be paying for upgrades to facilities used by pro sports teams?

Does your church have a policy in place for how to respond to protestors or the media?

LifeWay Christian Resources has identified five trends for the American church. Which do you think is the most important?

What was the most exciting sports news from Halloween weekend?

Do you think the mainstream media is biased in favor of the Democratic Party?

The outdoor store REI is making headlines by saying it will stay closed on Black Friday. Do you think other retailers will follow its example?

Who's going to win the Florida-Georgia game this weekend?

Who is going to win the Major League Baseball World Series?

Which country sends the most Christian missionaries, after the United States?

Where do you buy most of your groceries?

Will you let your children do any trick or treating from house to house on Halloween?

Do you expect your kids to pay for at least some of their college expenses?

Do you agree with President Obama's decision to halt U.S. troop withdrawals from Afghanistan?

What's the furthest you would travel to attend church on a regular basis?

What is your church’s best outreach opportunity of the year?

Who is the most difficult person for a Florida Baptist church to reach?

How much time do you spend on social media during a typical day?

What's your favorite Christian music radio station?

Will you get a flu shot this fall?

Given the mass shooting on an Oregon college campus this week, do you want Florida lawmakers to allow students to carry guns on campus?

Are you concerned about giving the International Mission Board additional money before it shows it can balance its budget?

Which of these reasons would most likely cause you to consider going to another church?

When will you start Christmas shopping this year?

What's your TV-viewing preference?

The number of homeless children in public schools has doubled since before the recession, according to new federal data. What is your church willing to do about that?

What's the biggest reason visitors don't come back to your church?

Who is going to win tonight's GOP debate?

What was the most surprising upset in Week 1 of the NFL season?

What is your main source for news?

What is the youngest age anyone in Florida should be tried as an adult?

What are you planning to do this Labor Day weekend?

What percent of pastors from evangelical and historically black churches leave the ministry each year?

What is the most frustrating part of your job?

Which Florida NFL team will have the best season?

What is the primary reason that the International Mission Board has had a $210 million funding shortfall since 2010?

Do you think any part of Tropical Storm Erika will hit Florida?

Which area do you think the June SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage will have the most impact?

As stocks globally continue to fall, what does that mean to you?

How many hurricanes do you think will strike Florida this year?

Does your church do an adequate job of balancing member safety and a welcoming atmosphere for visitors?

What's stopping you from going back to college this fall?

Which of these schools' football teams will finish with the best record this season?

Does your church currently partner in any way with a local public school?

Southern Baptists have given 3.21% more so far this year to the Cooperative Program. Why do you think that is?

Research shows women today are leaving the church in record numbers. What do you think is their No. 1 reason?

What's your biggest concern about Florida's public education system?

What's the biggest obstacle to growing your personal relationship with God?

The heart of the Send North America Conference is to see a movement of people from within the church living out the mission of God in their everyday lives. What would that look like for you?

If you could only be on one social media platform, which would you choose?

Do you think the videos created by Center for Medical Progress will cause more Americans to oppose abortion?

Sarasota is on another “best places to retire,” list, this one put out by Kiplinger’s. What would be your favorite retirement location?

What should happen as a result of the controversial Planned Parenthood videos?

How long has it been since your church has been part of a church-planting effort?

Would you be in favor of your church giving your senior pastor a sabbatical?

Is there anything your church could do to minister more effectively to college students?

A Florida tollbooth worker reportedly was fired after nearly 30 years for helping pay for someone's toll. Was his punishment justified?

What is the most contentious part of corporate worship at your church?

Should a church have financial reserves?

Do you agree with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that "Israel is safer" after Tuesday's Iran nuclear deal?

Where would you most likely go on a day trip?

Nationally, Cooperative Program giving is 1.24% ahead of this time last year. Where do you think it will end?

Is it appropriate for churches to honor the military during worship services around July 4th and other patriotic holidays?

Should your church scale back on programming during the summer months?

Would you be in favor of churches and ministries being taxed in order to ensure their religious liberty?

Are you surprised by the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that same-sex marriage is a Constitutional right in all 50 states?

What one thing could Florida Baptists do to create more racial harmony in the Sunshine state?

Would you like your church to hold a Call to Prayer during an upcoming Sunday instead of your regular worship service?

What one thing do you wish your church had that it doesn’t?

Which Florida politician has a better chance at winning the 2016 Republican presidential nomination?

What’s your favorite thing about living in Florida?

How many weekends a month, on average, are “regular church attendees” in corporate worship?

What are you doing for dad on Father's Day this year?

What’s the most important service you need from the Florida Baptist Convention?

Do you support Dr. Green’s plan to create a 2016 budget that would send 51% of Florida Baptist Convention proceeds to the Southern Baptist Convention?

If you were starting your career today, what field would you choose?

What do you think will be Tommy Green's greatest challenge as the new chief executive of the Florida Baptist Convention?

What is the one thing you hope every graduate takes away from their educational experience?

Should we hold off on baptizing children who have professed Jesus Christ until their late teenage years?

Gas prices are up 6% in the past month, but are still a dollar/gallon less than this time last year. How high will they go?

Did QB Tom Brady get the right punishment for his role in Deflate-Gate?

What is your favorite Florida beach?

What are you doing for mom this Mother's Day?

How are you observing the National Day of Prayer?

Would you be in favor of a state law that prohibits the use of cell phones while driving?

Is your church hosting any Cinco De Mayo festivities this year?

Do you think Florida lawmakers did the right thing by ending the regular session without approving a new budget?

Which event will have the most long-term impact on our country's future?

Do you think Bruce Jenner's "coming out" interview will make people with transgender issues more accepted by society?

How much time do you spend in prayer each day?

Should Fla. lawmakers increase the number of people eligible for Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act?

What's the most frustrating part of your daily commute?

Should the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission allow legalized bear hunts in Florida?

How do you think the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in June on the issue of state bans on same-sex marriage?

Which of these declared presidential candidates are you currently supporting? (Listed in alphabetical order)

Have you finished filing your federal income taxes yet?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been convicted on all counts related to killing three people and injuring hundreds during the 2013 Boston Marathon. What's an appropriate penalty?

Which is the better deal for the United States when it comes to dealing with Iran’s nuclear capabilities?

Are you watching NBC’s “A.D.” which chronicles the aftermath of the crucifixion?

As you prepare for Easter weekend, what are your thoughts about the church in America?

Do you think the typical Floridian’s view of church attendance is:

Do you plan to participate in the Greater Jacksonville Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham May 29-31?

What is the most difficult challenge facing today’s teenagers?

Where are you planning to vacation this year?

If you were eligible to vote in Jacksonville's upcoming mayoral election, who would get your vote if ballots were cast today?

Florida lawmakers are considering legislation that would, among other things, add two huge casinos to South Florida. What do you think?

Have you ever been a victim of cyberbullying?

What is the biggest obstacle to you traveling on a missions trip?

Is your church adding any new programming for Easter this year?

What are your thoughts about March Madness?

Which of these traditions at your church would you be most opposed to changing?

What is necessary for millennial pastors to get more leadership opportunities within the Florida Baptist Convention?

What ways could we be more accepting of people groups?

What is the most important reason you belong to a Florida Baptist church today?

What topic do you think has received the most comments on our Facebook page in the past year?

How many ministries do you serve in through your local church?

What keeps you from spending more time in prayer each day?

What's your favorite fast-food fix?

Major League Baseball spring training has begun in Florida. Are you planning to attend any games?

Which of these controversial bills are you most concerned about becoming law in Florida this legislative session?

Will the University of Kentucky win the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament this year? (Answer to yesterday's question: The Hispanic population in the U.S. has grown by 50% since 2000)

How quickly has the U.S. Hispanic population grown since 2000? (We'll give you the answer on Friday.)

Florida Cooperative Program giving hit a 15-year low last year. What do you think will happen in 2015?

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index recently released its annual survey of happiness by state. Are you happier today than you were a year ago?

After seeing that Family Christian Stores has filed for bankruptcy, are you worried about the future of LifeWay stores?

Florida hosted a record 97.3 million visitors last year. What are your vacation plans for 2015?

How does attendance at your church compare with where it was 10 years ago?

What is your favorite Bible translation?

How important is it to you that your church gives to the Cooperative Program?

Which holiday or special occasion do you spend the most on for your spouse or significant other?

What percentage of your total income do you give to the church you attend?

What is the biggest outreach event your church does?

If something at church really bothered you, who would you talk to first?

Are leaders born or made?

In addition to a strong Baptist background, what characteristic will be most important for Dr. Sullivan's replacement to have as head of the Florida Baptist Convention?

Do you think Florida lawmakers should outlaw the use of cell phones while driving?

Should parents have the right to decide whether they will have their kids vaccinated?

Which Florida city do you think has the worst traffic?

Who would you vote for if Jeb Bush faces off against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election?

Who do you think will win Super Bowl XLIX? The New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawks

Does your church have the proper amount of staffing to meet the needs and size of its current membership?

What is the biggest challenge facing the church in Florida right now?

How long have you attended your current church?

How many weekends a month, on average, do you attend formal worship services?

How many Christians were killed for their faith in 2014?

What social media platform do you spend the most time with?

Which team is going to win the College Football Playoff championship game?

What time of day is typically your primary prayer time?

How much of your charitable giving goes to your church?

What number of average attenders would make you feel most comfortable in the church in which you’re a member?

Do you think the church should play any role in health and fitness?

Of the two, which topic would you be less likely to discuss on social media?

What do you think is the No. 1 reason more people at your church don’t share the Gospel on a regular basis?

How much are you spending on Christmas this year?

What ministry in your church needs more resources right now?

Does your church do a good job of making everyone feel welcome?

Which social need has seen the greatest increase in your community in the past five years?

What are you doing this year to keep Christ in Christmas?

Should the Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta be allowed to lift the ban prohibiting gay marriage in Florida after Jan. 5?

What do you like most about your church?

     Our surveys are intended to be a snapshot of our readers’ opinions, not a scientific sampling