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Florida Baptist Witness is the official newspaper for Southern Baptists in the Sunshine State. For 130 years, the Witness has been publishing Good News about God's work in Florida, the U.S. and across the world.

Advertising in the Witness is a great way to reach Southern Baptist Christians in Florida with the products and services you have to offer.

A target audience. Your ad will reach into more than 30,000 Baptist homes. We span the entire state of Florida and even reach Baptists in other states. The reader profile of the Witness consists of pastors, church staff, church members, denominational leaders, and others. And, as an agency of the Florida Baptist State Convention, the Witness is widely recognized and respected in the Sunshine State as a trusted and valuable source of news and reflection that Florida Baptists need.

Frequent contact. The Witness is published on a modified bi-weekly basis—publishing two issues a month that are dated on Thursday . Repetition is the best method to raise interest in your product and with 26 issues per year, the Witness is the ideal venue to reach Florida Baptists with your message.

Variety and creativity. Introduced in November of 2002, the Witness has a bright, contemporary look, featuring four-color front, back and center spread pages. Advertisers have the option (for a modest additional fee) to add four-color to their ads. Advertisers may also reserve – on a limited basis – premium space on the back page of the Witness.

Advertising options. The Witness provides two opportunities for advertising in the print edition: classified advertising and display advertising. The Witness also provide three opportunities for advertising on the website: Leaderboard, Banner and Rectangle. The Leaderboard web advertisement measures 728 pixels by 90 pixels and displays at the top of every page. The Banner web advertisement measures 470 pixels by 66 pixels and displays to the right of the FBW logo. The Rectangle measures 150 pixels by 250 pixels and can be displayed in three locations on the front page and two locations on every other page.

Advertising rates.

  1. Our print display advertising rates begin at $40 per column inch for commercial accounts for grayscale advertising. Our columns measure in multiples of two inches wide making it very easy to calculate the size and cost. We offer limited space in every issue for process color advertising beginning at $50 per column inch for commercial accounts. Contact our office for frequency discounts and special rates for churches affiliated with the Florida Baptist State Convention.
  2. Our classified advertising rates are placed at a rate of $1.50 per word per issue placement. Our minimum rate is $45 for a basic placement that contains up to 30 words. If the placement has more than 30 words, each word will be charged $1.50 per issue placement. Classified advertising is included on our website at no additional cost while it appears in the print editions.
  3. Web advertising rates are based on a standard 30-day month and the cost for each period are: Leaderboard - $500; Logo Banner - $400; Portrait Skyscraper - $150.

Advertising composition. Print advertising is preferred in PDF format. If a process color placement is reserved, the PDF should be in CMYK (Press Quality) format. It is preferred that all files be emailed to us at least 13-calendar days before the date of the published issue. Web advertising can be in animated GIF format, static JPG format or in Shockwave Video format.

All advertising requests are subject of the review of the executive editor who holds final authority to approve or disapprove a request without reason.

If you're looking to advertise your product to Florida Baptists, look to the Florida Baptist Witness. To place an ad or if you have any questions, contact Kevin Bumgarner at (800) 226-8584, ext. 3171. I will be happy to assist you however I can.


Kevin Bumgarner
Executive Editor

Special Reports