What is an RSS Feed?


RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." It is also known as a "newsfeed" or simply a "feed."

RSS allows the user to "subscribe" to different news websites, blogs and get notified if any new content is available or posted.

To fully take advantage of RSS, you must have an RSS reader. There are plenty of free RSS News Reader programs on the Internet. Each RSS news reader offers different features and capability, so feel free to try a few of them. You may also use Online RSS Readers like Google Reader (http://reader.google.com), Bloglines (http://www.bloglines.com), or My Yahoo Reader (http://my.yahoo.com).


The Florida Baptist Witness RSS feed lets us deliver the latest news posted on our website directly to your computer.

On our website, you'll see the RSS icon, they look like this:

Step 1: Click on the RSS icon.

After clicking on the RSS icon, your browser may present you a screen that looks like this: (Firefox browser shown below.)

Step 2: Select the service you want to use.  You can use Google, My Yahoo, Bloglines or others.

Step 3: Click Subscribe Now.

In this example, we're using Google for our newsfeed reader.

You can either add the FBW newsfeed to your Google homepage, or add it to your Google Reader.

In this example, we added the FBW newsfeed to Google Reader.

Now, whenever the FBW website is updated with the latest news, you'll see the latest news appear on your Google Reader.

If you selected My Yahoo as your newsfeed reader, you'll see the following screen.

Confirm your subscription to the FBW RSS newsfeed by clicking on "Keep It."

You can customize your newsfeed by clicking the "Options" link. You can change whether only headlines are displayed, or the headlines and a short summary, specify the number of news articles to display, and how many days to display the news.


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