Crossover Orlando touches lives with the Gospel
Nov 21, 2012

The turnout was a “big blessing,” Sanchez said.

But getting people to simply attend the event was never the primary goal, Sanchez said. Rather, the mission was “to share the Gospel,” he said. 

“We prayed for people to receive Christ,” he said. “One person is a victory. We have 25 who received Christ.”

Hay Vida en Jesus

Through amazing feats of strength and through quiet conversations, in English and in Spanish, from church members of Hay Vida en Jesus and Shenandoah Baptist Church, the Gospel was shared during a block party in a community that is becoming predominantly Hispanic.

BLOCK PARTY A mostly Spanish-speaking Hay Vida en Jesus, and English-speaking Shenandoah Baptist, team up for Crossover. FBC photo
The two congregations share the church facility on Sunday mornings, and they also shared responsibility for hosting the block party that resulted in two professions of faith.

Pastor of Hay Vida en Jesus since March of this year, Carlos Mendez, along with Shenandoah pastor Keith Norris, circulated through the crowd, looking to build relationships that could lead to life-changing relationships with Jesus Christ.

Margaret Dempsey-Colson is a writer for the Florida Baptist Convention. Amanda Sullivan is a correspondent for Florida Baptist Witness.



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