ANNIE: Where it goes, what it does, and the difference it makes
Mar 27, 2012

While waiting in the checkout line, I examined the worn dollar bill in my hand. Someone had written “new in North Dakota” across the top. Since I was in Georgia, I began wondering where this dollar had been on its journey from North Dakota, and where it would go once I released it as a payment.  

From the looks of some of the currency I’ve held, it’s obvious that their journeys have taken them on quite a few hearty adventures. In the same way, the money you place in the offering plate for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® for North American Missions is destined for a divine journey in service of God’s kingdom. 

You perhaps already know that 100 percent of the gifts to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering go directly to the missions field. None is used for promotion expenses, and none is used to support the national agency and staff in Alpharetta, Georgia. It all goes to the missionaries and their work.  

The journey of your gift begins in your heart as you determine the amount of money you will give to the offering. After you place that gift in the offering plate, it is combined with other Annie Armstrong Easter Offering gifts from your church and sent to your state Baptist convention office. There it is recorded for your church, which allows the state convention to know how much has been sent from all of the churches in its state. The state convention office sends it to the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee in Nashville, Tennessee, which then forwards it on to the North American Mission Board (NAMB). 

Once NAMB receives the money, it is placed in a budget account for Annie Armstrong Easter Offering-funded uses. There are specific endeavors for which it can be used, and those have been determined by a joint agreement between NAMB and Woman’s Missionary Union® (holders of the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering trademark). NAMB works with each state convention to determine priorities on the field so that the dollars are put to the best possible use. So, while it may take a few stops along the journey from offering plate to missionary’s use, putting a dollar in the offering plate for Annie is like putting that dollar into the hands of a missionary. And those missionaries are committed to being the best stewards possible of the trust that motivates the gifts. 

Ways Your Annie Armstrong Gift Dollars Are Used 

In a nutshell, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering dollars go toward: 

 Missionary salaries 

 Health care benefits 

Ministry supplies and expenses 

Grateful Missionaries 

Read what missionaries have to say about the significance of the offering in their lives and ministries. 

“I know of at least 21.5 million reasons to give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions! That’s the number of people we are praying will find a church home in our community. Without funding through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, we would never have started a church in the heart of New York City!” —Gregg Farah, church planting missionary, New York City 

“The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering helps me be available to minister to 10,000 international seafarers from more than 70 countries each year.” —Jim Putman, church and community ministries missionary, Freeport, Texas 

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