Alabama Baptist writes book about God & football in the SEC
Jul 11, 2011

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—With fans gearing up for another season of college football, last year’s God & Football: Faith and Fanaticism in the SEC by Chad Gibbs is a close-up humorous take on the balance between God and football when it comes to the fans of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

Gibbs, a good ole Alabama Southern Baptist, laughs with, but not at fans, when he talks about taking three months in 2009 to make the rounds. He spends quality time visiting University of Florida in Gainesville during Homecoming week as Tim Tebow fever rages. Description of a late night pep rally at UF’s Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM)  where food and fellowship meet extreme sports in the form of a climbing wall makes the book cut.

Writing about attending church near Vanderbilt University (where few seemed to know what happened on the field the night before) and moving on to a tailgate party at Louisiana State, Gibbs shares his experiences in attending a home game at each of the 12 SEC schools.

“I went to upsets, blowouts, pep rallies and tailgates, all the while spending time with rabid, Christian fans to learn how (or if) believers in the south balance the two passions in their lives,” Gibbs said in a news release.

“I also bought a cool hog nose in Arkansas,” he said.Through his own family’s legacy, and those of the people he meets throughout the season, Gibbs helps the reader fully understand the fanaticism of fans of the SEC—complete with the obligatory jokes and lauding of then University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, who now plays for the NFL’s Denver Broncos.

“SEC fanaticism is often passed down from generation to generation,” said Gibbs. “The day I told my Alabama Crimson Tide grandfather that I was now an Auburn Tiger, I was afraid he’d die of grief. He survived, but he did, however, inform me that when he did meet his demise, his other, more loyal grandchildren would be inheriting his Alabama memorabilia.”
Gibbs book will leave readers breathless with its brutal honestly.

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