Fall Florida graduates from the Southern Baptist seminaries, Baptist College of Florida

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Thomas Dean Inserra; Master of Theological Studies; Tallahassee

James Louis Wells; Master of Arts, Theological Studies, Missions; Bonifay

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Leavell College

Terrel D. Bridges Jr.; Master of Theological Studies; Walnut Hill

Rich Day; Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry; Tallahassee

Nelson Plasencia; Master of Divinity; Fort White

John Rowe; Doctor of Ministry; Orlando

Jim Stickle; Master of Theological Studies; Orlando

Joseph Valbrun; Master of Theological Studies; Miami

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Stephen Beck; Master of Divinity with Christian Ministry; Jacksonville

Allison Bently Creagh; Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling; Jacksonville

Bradford Duane Boyd; Master of Divinity with Christian Ministry; Ocala

Richard Fisher; Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies; Brandon

Justin W. Garver; Master of Divinity with Christian Ministry; Land O’ Lakes

David W. Gatlin; Master of Divinity with Christian Ministry; Oldsmar

Victor L. Ketchens; Doctor of Ministry; Oviedo

Robert Carlise Sylvester Olmstead; Master of Divinity with Christian Ministry; Lynn Haven

Jonathan Howard Peters; Master of Divinity with Christian Ministry; Hollywood

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Jason M. Fevig; Doctor of Ministry; Winter Garden

Sanghun Han; Master of Divinity; Fort Myers

Terry L. Kirkland; Master of Divinity; Panama City

Jamin J. Stinziano; Doctor of Ministry; Estero

Jonathan G. Winningham; Doctor of Ministry; Winter Garden

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Craig Jonathan Stephens; Master of Divinity; Pembroke Pines

Kory Cassell; Master of Theological Studies; Coral Springs

Raul M. Zaldivar; Master of Theological Studies; Sunrise

Shaela Brittany Jarman; Master of Arts in Christian Education; Cantonment

Argiolys Roman; Master of Theological Studies; Hialeah

NOTE: Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary reported no graduates from Florida.

Baptist College of Florida

Joshua Barkley**; Winter Garden; B.A., MI

Jeffrey Basford**; Two Egg; B.A., BUS

Nicholas Bishop**; Tallahassee; B.M., CWM

William Blount*; Graceville; B.A., CC

Calvin Booth**; Hawthorne; B.A., MU

Jessica Brown**; Graceville; B.A., CC

Thomas Brown; Graceville; B.A., MU

Caleb Carmichael; Alachua; B.A., CS

Moultrie Clement**; Graceville; A.Div.

William Combs**; High Springs; B.A., EE

Angela Conley; Jacksonville; B.A., CS

Alainna Davis*; Graceville; B.A., HSS

Andy Davis; Avon Park; B.A., MU

Cameron Diamond; Marianna; B.A., MU

Robert Figley; Silver Springs; B.A., MS

Kevin Greene*; Bartow; B.M., CWM

Megan Guajardo**; Stuart; B.A., MS

Cheryl Hall**; DeFuniak Springs; B.A., CS

Peter Hennis*; Titusville; B.A., MS

Justin Jackson; Westville; B.A., MI

Justin Mason*; Graceville; B.A., CC

Kevin McGaffigan; Winter Haven; B.A., CS

Terry Mills; Graceville; B.M., CWM

Rocky Monk Jr.; Orlando; A.Div; B.A., MS

Jenna Morris*; Tallahassee; B.A., EE

Rhonda Mullins; Graceville; B.A., MS

Ryan Pickwick***; Bonifay; B.A., BS

Brian Pierce***; Pensacola; B.A., MS

Michelle Raffield**; Gulf Breeze; B.A., EE

Ashton Rickman; Graceville; B.A., MU

Daniel Rodabaugh; Middleburg; B.A., CC

Heather Simmons; Graceville; B.A., CC

Nigil Todd; Graceville; B.A., MS

Justin Toffolio***; Graceville; B.A., MI

Adam Toub; Jacksonville; B.A., MS

Erin Watson***; Graceville; B.A., CC

Josh Wilhoit**; Graceville; B.M., CWM

Jacob Wimberly; Graceville; B.A., MS

Kimberly Yates; Graceville; B.A., BUS

Degree key: Associate of Divinity—A.Div.; Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies—B.A., BS; Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership—B.A., BUS; Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling—B.A., CC; Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies—B.A., CS; Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education—B.A., EE; Bachelor of Arts in History and Social Studies—B.A., HSS; Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Studies—B.A., MS; Bachelor of Arts in  Missions—B.A., MI; Bachelor of Arts in Music—B.A., MU; Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Worship Ministry—B.M., CWM; Honors: *Cum Laude, **Magna Cum Laude, ***Summa Cum Laude.

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