College students encouraged to share Gospel on campus Oct. 15

Three years ago, a group of college ministry leaders came together to try to answer a simple question: How can we get more students to share the Gospel on campus?
What came out of that brainstorming session is Engage24, a specific day (Oct. 15 this year) when collegiate ministry leaders, and more recently church leaders, encourage their people to share the Gospel with someone whose life they touch.
Rahul Agarwal, who leads Baptist collegiate ministries for Tampa area campuses, was on that team.
The team, known as the Baptist Collegiate Network or BCNet, was created to help coordinate and further collegiate ministries around the country.
When the issue of intentional evangelism came up, Agarwal said the team was unsure how the idea of sharing the Gospel with one person on one particular day would go over with students.
“Everyone said it wouldn’t work,” he said.
But it did and as a result, thousands of students have shared the Gospel—many for the first time—and lives have been impacted.
Soon, students across North America became part of a movement of college students who were sharing the Gospel on campus.
“College students like to be a part of a movement,” Agarwal said. “They loved it.”
This year, collegiate ministry leaders are inviting churches to encourage their congregations to join them in setting aside Oct. 15 as a day to share the Gospel.
Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd encouraged churches to follow the students’ lead in a Sept. 23 article for Baptist Press.
“Just think what could happen if 16 million Southern Baptists awakened on Oct. 15 and prayed that the Holy Spirit would provide an encounter with someone who doesn't know Christ,” he wrote. “It could be the beginning of something big.”
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