Central Florida Baptist church makes sure its legacy will live on

This former Central Florida Baptist church found a way for its spirit of generosity to live on, even after it closed.In a typical year, approximately 1,000 Southern Baptist churches close their doors forever, according to the North American Mission Board in its 2016 Ministry Report.

Unfortunately, Florida is not immune to this trend.

Jeffery Singletary, Central Florida regional catalyst with the Florida Baptist Convention, says that churches don’t suddenly decide to close their doors. But it is rather a process that takes many years.

“It’s a process of watching a vision die,” he told me during a phone interview.

However, churches that choose to close their doors instead of merging or becoming a satellite of a multicampus church have the option of using their assets to plant seeds in other ministries.

That is what becoming a legacy church means.

Churches can do this in a number of ways. For a great example of a church in Central Florida that recently went through this process be sure to check out the May print issue of your Florida Baptist Witness.

Reporter Keila Diaz is the Miami-based reporter for the Florida Baptist Witness. She can be reached at (305) 724-0544 or via email: keila.diaz@goFBW.com


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