Olive's Ted Traylor affirms his obligation to young pastors

Ted Traylor, left, pastor of Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, talks with FBW Executive Editor Kevin Bumgarner.During my recent wide-ranging conversation with Ted Traylor, he touched on the topic of what he thinks is the obligation his generation of pastors has to young SBC leaders.

Reflecting on those who came alongside him at a critical time, the pastor at Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola said: “I was invited to a lot of things. Nobody asked me to open my mouth.” And, he said in a jovial manner, they didn’t need to.

“I will never forget being in a hotel room the night before Charles Stanley was going to be nominated as president of the Southern Baptist Convention [in 1984]—he didn’t know he was going to be nominated. And I was like a fly on the wall—I’m just a kid. But I was invited to come, and I look around and Adrian Rogers was on his face and he’s just crying out, wailing out to God.

“Nobody had to talk to me, I saw it. I mean I saw they were crying out for God to do something. I saw it, I caught it from them. I’ve got to help these guys catch it. It takes time, and you’ve got to do that.”

I am thankful for Florida Baptist pastors such as Dr. Traylor, who sense their obligation to help younger preachers see, among other things, their vulnerability before God.

Earlier this week, I blogged about Dr. Traylor’s secret sauce for helping visitors to Olive feel special. Here’s the link: http://gofbw.com/blog?id=1584. Most recently, I blogged about his thoughts on supernatural living and personal revival. You can get that post here: http://gofbw.com/blog?id=1588

Come back to this blog for more intimate moments from my interview with Dr. Traylor.

Also, a video of our conversation will appear on goFBW.com later this month, and an edited version of our conversation will appear as the “Behind the Pulpit” feature in the April print edition of the Florida Baptist Witness, which will be mailed to subscribers on March 30th.

Kevin Bumgarner is executive editor of the Florida Baptist Witness. He can be reached via email at kbumgarner@goFBW.com, and followed on Twitter @FBW_editor

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