Vocational Church in Tampa helps former addicts develop job skills

Charles Young is founder of Vocational Church in Tampa.Charles Young saw the need to help recovering addicts find faith in God and their place in society, and planted Vocational Church in Tampa to do just that.

Complete with an in-house residency program, the church offers men who are already in recovery a place to live while they develop job skills that help them move away from the lives they knew as addicts.

As more churches understand just how far-reaching and deadly the effects of our state’s heroin epidemic are, Young hopes more congregations will find their place in the recovery process.

“I don’t know of a church in our Convention that hasn’t been impacted by addictions,” Young said.

Young’s ministry does not help those who are addicted to break the cycle. Instead, Young’s target demographic are men who have already been through a rehabilitation program and are not using drugs but are unsure how to become productive members of society.

“Most have been addicts since they were teenagers and so they have no job skills,” Young said.

Vocational Church is one of only a handful of churches that are getting into the trenches in the war against addiction. Print-edition subscribers will be able to see what other churches are doing in our April edition.

Nicole Kalil is the Jacksonville-based reporter for the Florida Baptist Witness, which is the official news source of the Florida Baptist State Convention.

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