Just what is it, exactly, that leads to a successful revival?

Blackrock Baptist Church in YuleeBlackrock Baptist Church in Yulee has been having successful revivals for the last 26 years. Senior Pastor John Kasper, who’s been leading the church for the last three of those, said preparation is key.

Kasper said the people must be prepared to receive revival through a combination of prayer and fasting.

“Prepare people not to put hope in the evangelist,” he said. “God brings revival.”

David Burton, president and founder of David Burton Ministries, said he did 39 multiday revival events for individual churches in 2016. He said he can tell many weeks before the event takes place whether or not it will be “good, productive and of God.”

For Burton, communications with the pastor will be his strongest predictor of how much the pastor has prepared himself and his people. Things such as what kind of budget the pastor has set aside, strategies he’s used to prepare his congregation and whether or not there has been a prayer emphasis are some of the indicators Burton uses to gauge the commitment of the pastor and the subsequent spiritual quality of the event.

“It takes hard work and much planning to do [a revival] effectively,” he said. “Without the passion of the pastor it will not be successful.”

I take a more in-depth look at revivals, who’s still doing them and their level of effectiveness, in our March print edition. Stay tuned!

Nicole Kalil is the Jacksonville-based reporter for the Florida Baptist Witness, the official news source of the Florida Baptist State Convention.

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