Blind preacher from Florida has a heart for people of Italy

RJ SandefurRJ Sandefur attends First Baptist Church of Okeechobee.

He is a preacher.

He is blind.

Despite his special need, RJ has not stopped preaching the Gospel, and he considers his lack of sight a means for God to glorify Himself through him.

Sandefur, who is currently starting a career as an evangelist, has a burden for the country of Italy on his heart.

“Here’s the thing about the country of Italy,” he said recently in a Skype interview. “A lot of Italians claim to be Roman Catholic, but by the time they’re 12 they have quit the church altogether.”

Italy, he adds, was largely left untouched by The Reformation and it is his heart’s desire to bring the Gospel of Christ to the Italians so they can be saved.

“One day I hope to preach at Rome Baptist Church.”

Keila Diaz is a Miami-based reporter for the Florida Baptist Witness. She can be reached at

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