Brunson on Trump: No president is without character flaws

Mac Brunson, left, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, talks with Executive Editor Kevin Bumgarner about the recent presidential election.As evangelicals try to regain some unity following the presidential election, I met with Dr. Mac Brunson, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, in his office for a wide-ranging interview.

An edited version of the conversation will appear in our January 2017 print edition as the debut of a feature we are calling Behind the Pulpit, which will talk with some of the most influential pastors and Florida Baptist leaders on the hot-button topics of the day.

Here is one example of what you can look forward to with this feature.

I posed the following question to Dr. Brunson: “Some prominent evangelical voices came out against Trump in this election, saying in part that the church will lose its right to be heard if it aligns with someone with such serious character flaws. How would you respond to that sentiment?”

I love Dr. Brunson’s answer: “Which president have we had that didn’t have character flaws? Which pastor doesn’t have character flaws? Granted, we’re not running casinos and things like that. But everybody’s got character flaws.

“I think we need to let our voice be heard as long as we can. We need to be clear about the Gospel—all the way down to the dungeon. I think we’re headed that way. We’re going to be told you can say it in these four walls, but when you walk out of here you better not mention that in public.”

I’ll be giving you more tidbits from my interview with Dr. Brunson before the re-launch of our print edition on Dec. 22.

Stay tuned!

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