Pastor Scroggins: Surprise! It’s God’s field and His ministry

Jimmy ScrogginsJimmy Scroggins, lead pastor of Family Church in West Palm Beach, started his message at the 2016 Florida Baptist Pastors Conference Sunday night by acknowledging that some Christians feel like they are in a plane that is going down.

Some of those feelings, Scroggins acknowledged, are based largely on an American culture that thinks everything should always be getting better. But, he said, such a mindset is making us miss out on what is going on.

“It would be a shame if we look in the rearview mirror and think our best days are behind us,” Scroggins said.

Using Matt. 9:35-38 as his passage, Scroggins said the opportunities for ministry are all around us. A ministry that will lead the world to the ultimate harvest.

He then gave three ways to make us more effective in our ministry approach.

First, Jesus is calling us to be more tender.

“Red-blooded conservative churches seem mean to a lot of people,” Scroggins said. “They don’t seem mean to you, because you’re a part of it.”

He said that, too often, we pass by the same strip clubs, check-cashing businesses, pawn shops and Planned Parenthood clinics without thinking there is anything we can do.

But that is the Holy Spirit’s job, Scroggins said, adding that one of those things He is trying to teach us is to have more compassion for people in need.

Secondly, Jesus is calling us to be more dependent on Him, Scroggins said.

“It’s God’s field; it’s His ministry,” Scroggins said, adding that Jesus came to reconcile the world to Himself. “When two things that are separated are brought back together like they are supposed to be—it’s God keeping His promise to Himself.”

Third, and finally, Jesus is calling us to be bold. People who are hurting need God to do for them what they cannot do for themselves. And we cannot be used by God to make that happen until we are bold enough to get involved in His harvest work.

The 2016 Florida Baptist Pastors Conference is being hosted by Calvary Church in Clearwater and will run through 4 p.m. Monday.

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