Analysis: Will you vote based on personalities or issues?

Bill BunkleyIn this time of massive uncertainty just days before the Nov. 8 election, there is ONE area of absolute certainty: In American Christendom, the current presidential campaign’s two major binary candidates have proven to be the most morally controversial characters ever! Both are extremely flawed candidates when measured against a biblically principled life.

So what do we do?

Do we let our emotions run unchecked and make a determination about which candidate is least morally flawed in our personal judgment? Do we get disgusted and not vote? Either choice is what the mainstream media is hoping for.

Or do we go beyond the two personalities and our raw emotions (yes, I have them, too) and consider wisely where these two major party candidates stand on the issues and where they will take this nation—not in just the next four years, but in for the next 40-50 years?

Is it any surprise to you, really, given the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden, that these two political rivals have deep, secret sins? Did what most Americans assumed given the candidates’ public personas contradict what has been exposed/leaked in recent weeks?

These ongoing revelations about both candidates “secret sins” should be equally troubling, unless we apply man’s grading system pitting one sin as more morally unacceptable than another, something God never instructed us to do as Christians. Sin is sin, so say the Scriptures. All sin is wrong and subject to immediate repentance. 

So if the moral repugnancy of both major party candidates is not to be the basis for a voting decision, which issues should one be evaluating and praying about in order to make a wise voting choice?

First and foremost, the next president likely will choose 2-3 replacements on the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court. That will create an unchallengeable majority that will guide all future court decisions to the political right or left for the next 40-50 years.

In all likelihood, based on the public comments/positions by at least one of the candidates, current definitions and protections provided by the First Amendment to the Constitution in the areas of religious liberty and religious freedom could be redefined drastically.

Today we can “exercise” our free will to share Jesus anytime and anywhere. Our current constitutional “free exercise” rights could be reduced to simple “worship rights” inside the four walls of our church building, or inside our home. Is this issue worth taking a stand and casting a vote against?

Abortion and euthanasia could see major constitutional adjustments. Late-term abortions all the way to minutes before a natural birth could become the new law of the land. Baby boomers beware: Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid Supreme Court-empowered decisions regarding when life ceases to have quality may determine your right to live. Is this an issue worth taking a stand and casting a vote against?  

How about a Supreme Court further redefining the definition of marriage, if recognizing marriage at all? Yes, there could be more deconstruction ahead away from a biblically based definition of marriage. Is this issue worth taking a stand and casting a vote against?

These Supreme Court examples are just a tip of the iceberg of many issues separating these two candidates and their biblical worldview differences. Note that I could go on, but the space available in this column limits a more comprehensive list of important issues. 

If you have been thinking about not voting, please pray about the case for voting I have put forth in this column. As Jesus taught and is still relevant for today, render unto Caesar what is Caesar (to the governing authorities over us). By complying to render your vote with our governing authorities, you are giving direction for the governing of this country.

And if you are thinking of writing in a candidate on your Florida ballot, don’t. Unless the name is officially registered as a Florida write-in candidate, your vote is meaningless, relegated to the trash can and will count for nothing.

In closing, I am an issues voter.

In my 20-plus years in Tallahassee on behalf of Florida Baptists, by far most of the elected officials I have worked with on your behalf in support of biblical worldview issues have in some way been personally flawed, just as I am. That did not stop me from sticking with the issues, and it’s those same issues I’m praying you’ll stick to in getting out and voting your biblical convictions in this and every election.

Bill Bunkley serves as president of the Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission ( He is also a socially conservative talk show host on the Salem Radio Network. 

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  • Randy Armstrong Reply

    You hit the nail on the head as usual Bill ! As you said, none of us are without sin, so would you rather vote for a fellow sinner who just may turn this country around and at least keep the Supreme Court balanced as is has been OR vote for another sinner who will continue telling lies ( as she has for years ), continue to deceive the American public and continue the path to destruction of this Republic as had our present president. We have been given this Republic to safeguard and protect and a vote for Hillary or any independent is your defacto vote to end this noble experiment began with the framing of our Constitution and passed down to our generation to keep. I for one, will not face my children and grandchildren and tell them that in 2016 that I cast a vote to continue the demise of what I was given by my forefathers to protect and pass on to future generations. Whatever the will of the American electorate on November 8.2016, I will know that I did my part to pas to future generations what I received from my forefathers. VOTE but vote responsibly, vote TRUMP !!

    October 28, 2016 at 2:31 pm

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