Rick Warren & Saddleback Church surpass 45,000 baptisms

Rick Warren and Saddleback Church recorded the 45,000th baptism in the church's 36-year history on Oct. 16—Alberto Flores, who was baptized alongside his 13-year-old son Andre.

Warren told the California congregation he would take the 45,000th person baptized to lunch.

By the end of the day across all 16 campuses, Saddleback had recorded a total of 45,743 baptisms, 792 of whom were baptized during the weekend alone, with Warren personally baptizing 600 of them.

"Baptisms are an amazing moment in the life of the church," Warren said in a news release. "They are a public sign of new life in the believer, of new beginnings for all those involved, and they encourage everyone watching to renew their own commitment to Christ. We are grateful that God has graciously allowed us to be a part of more than 45,000 people taking this amazing step, and we pray that we'll get to be a part of many, many more in the coming months and years."

Saddleback Church, founded by Rick and Kay Warren in 1980 in Lake Forest, Calif., is now the home of nearly 40,000 members with a weekly attendance of 26,000 people at 16 campuses throughout Southern California, Hong Kong, Berlin, Buenos Aires and Manila.

Compiled by Baptist Press senior editor Art Toalston.

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