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Point of View: Dave says

Dave Says is a column featuring the financial advice of nationally syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey, the Dave Says column is filled with timely, relevant questions and answers taken from actual calls on Ramsey's radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show.

Suspended Mount Dora teacher cleared of wrongdoing for Facebook comments on ‘gay marriage’

MOUNT DORA (FBW)-Jerry Buell, chair of the social studies department at Mount Dora High School, will have another lesson to share Aug. 25 when he returns to the classroom.

“When freedom loving people stand up for what they know is right, it may be difficult and it may be tough, but at the end of the day, the constitution does prevail,” Harry Mihet, litigation counsel for Orlando-based Liberty Counsel told Florida Baptist Witness.

No clergy at 9/11 ceremony called 'bigotry'

WASHINGTON (BP) -- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's decision not to include clergy in the 10th anniversary remembrance of the 9/11 terrorist attacks has drawn objections from Christian leaders.

Church develops bond with Muslim community

ARLINGTON, Texas (BP)—Jason Thibeaux said he wasn’t really afraid of Muslims. But he definitely didn’t love them, either.

“I was indifferent to Muslims, and that broke my heart,” he said. “That was almost the worst scenario — that I would treat them as though they weren’t even there. You go have your life and I’ll have mine, and hopefully we never interact.”

Point of View: 9/11: A decade of study of Islam

Since 9/11, we’ve all been in school, studying up on Islam. But we’ve been to two different schools, one led by the likes of Joseph Esposito and Karen Armstrong, the other by Robert Spencer and Mark Durie (and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Bat Yeíor, Nonie Darwish, etc.). I’ve “attended” both, and I’m urging folks to matriculate in the latter. In fact, I’m not convinced the former should be accredited.

Largo church works with police to rescue modern-day ‘slaves’

LARGO (FBW)—The church parking lot was filled with law enforcement vehicles. More than 50 cops from the Clearwater Police Department, Largo Police Department, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and FBI agents commandeered offices and classrooms.

And 27 Asians and Hispanics rescued from human trafficking—what activists call “modern-day slavery”—were being fed, given basic hygiene items, and ministered to by church staff and volunteers.

Point of View: WORLDVIEW: ‘Things fall apart’

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)—Feeling a little unstable lately?

I’m not talking about the earthquake that rattled America’s East Coast the other day—though it symbolizes other forces currently shaking things up.

Maguire State Mission Offering Daily Prayer Guide

Matthew 9:35-36 presents a portrait of Jesus as He went about the cities and villages ... teaching, preaching and healing. And seeing the crowds—and each individual—He was compelled by compassion. The multitudes were weary and languishing without hope. They were in need—of a healing touch, a gentle word, a loving embrace. But mostly they were in need of a Shepherd, who could carry their burdens, and offer grace, truth, freedom and hope. They were in need of a Savior who could give eternal life.

Williams, NBA executive, says all in sports have ‘ministry of influence’

PENSACOLA (FBW)—Author. Motivational speaker. Former professional athlete. Professional sports executive. Father to 19 children. Marathon runner.

Renaissance man.

Pat Williams, co-founder and senior vice president of the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic, laughs at the title, “renaissance man,” but he concedes he’s a man of wide interests, achievements and plans for the future.

Point of View: Abortion abatement—Keep up the momentum

During the Clinton years, 56 percent of Americans described themselves as pro-choice, while only 33 percent of us self-identified as pro-life. But in just a decade and a half, the numbers have completely shifted.

Point of View: What Christians should learn from Wicca recognition at Vanderbilt

This just in: Wiccan holy days are now part of Vanderbilt University’s school calendar. The purpose of this calendar is to help professors know how to deal with absences and make up tests when students claim a religious reason for missing school. It should be noted that the religious days on the calendar already include holidays for Jews, Muslims, Shinto believers, Sikhs, Buddhists, Baha’is, Taoists, Hindus, Zoroastrian believers, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jains, and Mormons, as well as Christians. It should also be noted that the university was founded as a Methodist institution.

BCF & AVM team up to change lives in Brazil

GRACEVILLE (BCF)—“Incredible!” is how Rich Elligson, assistant professor of missions at the Baptist College of Florida in Graceville, described his recent mission project to Brazil’s Amazon basin.

Elligson, a former missionary to Brazil, led a group of sixteen BCF students and several others to the Amazon as part of the school’s partnership with Amazon Vision Ministries.

Romans 12:3-15: September 18—Find your place of service

All too often, the bulk of the work in the average church falls on a handful of people. As the time when nominating committees are trying to find people to fill church ministries, some names pop up for several positions. The larger problem lies in challenging people to come out of their comfort zones to serve the coming church year. As the church membership ages, the problem can become more acute. People became exhausted after years of service. Nevertheless, most of the members are willing to step out on faith to keep the fellowship vibrant. Reestablishing some spiritual qualities can impart in most of us an attitude of “We can do it!”

John 1:29, 35-46, 49-51: September 25—Go and tell

The first Chapter of John’s Gospel contains some of the most profound theology to be found in religious writings. In verse one, the Second Person of the Trinity is introduced as the Word, co-equal with God the Father. As such He is co-creator (v. 3), possessor of life and light (v. 4), and conqueror of darkness, Satan (v. 5). The Word was made flesh (v. 4), and is the Supreme Expositor of God (v. 18). The information here can easily cover a semester of lectures, but there is more, much more.

Cecil Seagle leaves Great Commission legacy and vision

JACKSONVILLE—Cecil Seagle’s 22-years of service to the Florida Baptist Convention has been characterized by a laser-like focus on “pushing back the darkness,” exercising a Kingdom vision for impacting Florida for Christ.

Before his retirement June 30, Seagle, 71, oversaw the Convention’s ministry efforts in church planting, church revitalization and loans, church and community ministry, missions education and disaster relief.

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