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Pastor says ‘we love you’ to homosexual-rights activists

BRANDON (FBW)—In a short, impromptu speech from a microphone set up by homosexual protestors, the pastor of a Florida Baptist church told activists Sept. 20 he supports their right to free speech and invited them to come back for Sunday services.

New missionaries tell stories of sacrifice

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)—In 2003, one Southern Baptist couple was burdened by Satan’s grip on the world. The wife had longed for stability and comfort for her family but surrendered those longings to God two years ago. Now, the family is headed to Central Asia.

Page gives glimpse of elements of revival

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page called Sept. 17 for continued prayer for a convention-wide and nationwide revival, and gave a glimpse into what he believes it would look like.

Point of View

Just for the record, Southern Baptists did not emerge from thin air. We enjoy a long heritage that is closely connected to other Christian groups and movements.

Point of View

There is often a conflict between values and higher values. I ran into one of those conflicts when an Iowa judge issued a decision legalizing “gay marriage.” In his opinion, which is being appealed, he stated that “marriage has evolved over time” and that “homosexuality is a normal expression of human sexuality.”

Point of View

Four months ago the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. As I said at the time, banning this unspeakably barbaric form of abortion was a victory — albeit a small one — for the pro-life cause. It represented another step toward the end of abortion-on-demand in this country.

Churches pray, partner with those who take Gospel to unknown, unnamed areas

FLORIDA (FBW)—Everyone in attendance wore name tags; however, representatives of churches from throughout the eastern United States gathered at a Florida Baptist church Sept. 12-16 to learn how to partner with and pray for workers in a publicly unnamed region of the world.

F1 tornado tears through Eustis, Florida Baptists respond

EUSTIS (FBW)—Florida Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers were still working to clear branches and debris and cover rooftops two days after an F1 tornado touched down with winds estimated at 105 mph Sept. 20 in a residential neighborhood in Eustis.

Book 66 drives across Florida to enhance Bible Drill resources

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—“Book 66” is taking Florida by storm. With a fresh look and approach, the newly-themed and redesigned Bible Drill materials are fast becoming an important discipleship tool in many of the state’s churches.

Three Orlando-area churches started

JACKSONVILLE (FBC) — According to a report released by the Florida Baptist Convention’s Church Planting Department, Florida Baptists started 14 new churches in August, 2007.

Landmark study: Change for homosexuals is possible

Psychologists’ new book contradicts view that change in sexual orientation is impossible

PowerPlant students minister in diverse settings

PHOENIX, Ariz. (BP)—Conjure up Phoenix in the summertime and you think about desert, cactus and heat, especially with this summer’s record 29 straight days of 110-degree or higher temperatures.

California teen senses God’s will via World Changers

HIGHLAND, Calif. (BP)— When she stepped off the plane, it was hard for 17-year-old Kaila Justice to believe she was really on the West Coast.

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