September 25, 2003 Print Edition

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World Changers share Gospel at Miami lemonade stand

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)–When the World Changers crew in Jackson, Miss., arrived on Monday morning at their worksite to start roofing a home, their materials had not yet arrived. But with World Changers, the unexpected doesn’t always mean that God isn’t working.

IMB president urges workers to stay focused on vision of 'all peoples'

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–The International Mission Board must push past distractions and stay focused on the vision of taking the Gospel to all peoples, President Jerry Rankin told trustees during a Sept. 8-10 meeting in Austin, Texas.

Hurricane Isabel prompts record deployment of Disaster Relief workers

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (BP)–Florida Disaster Relief volunteers joined hundreds of workers deployed Sept. 20-21 to North Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland – already the largest response in the history of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, according to Mickey Caison, adult volunteer mobilization manager for the North American Mission Board.


Glancing out the passenger window to the side mounted mirror of the van, I caught a glimpse of a woman and a small child running after us, waving desperately. The chase had begun more than a half mile back–when the woman had been promised a box of food.


RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–Asking Southern Baptist missionaries who serve with the International Mission Board to affirm that their work and personal convictions are compatible with what their sponsoring denomination believes has been an interesting process. It was not unexpected that many among our Southern Baptist constituency who do not agree with the leadership and conservative direction of the SBC – as well as those who are in disagreement with the faith statement itself – would disagree with this initiative.


During her first two years at Ave Maria College in Michigan, Teresa Becker received nearly $4,000 in state scholarship money and was promised $2,750 for her junior year.


Have fun with cryptography and exercise your Bible knowledge. A King James Version verse is encoded by letter substitution. The same letter is substituted throughout the puzzle. Solve by trial and error.

House committee hears citizens on parental notification

TAMPA (FBW)-Over 100 citizens representing both sides of the issue gathered Sept. 18 for the first of several hearings scheduled on a proposed amendment to the Florida State Constitution requiring parents to be notified when their minor daughter considers an abortion.

16-member team from 3 states ministers in Tanzania

KYELA, Tanzania (FBW)–When the daily totals of first time decisions during their evangelistic/medical mission in Kyela, Tanzania, began to add up to more than 6,000, and finally totaled 10,707, retired missionary Evelyn Knapp said she knew the Lord was again doing a mighty work in the east African nation.

Layman says crisis training is 'God-given' opportunity

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Crisis specialist and Florida Baptist layman, Dwight Bain, uses crisis response and stress management as ministry tools in the mission field of business executives and critical incidents.

Orlando communicator tells Gen Xers 'never compromise'

ORLANDO, (BP)–Carl Creasman is one edgy dude. Sporting an eyebrow ring and blond-streaked spiky hair, the 38-year-old doesn’t look like the typical Southern Baptist minister. But strike up a conversation with him and you’ll quickly discover his passion for college students, biblical truth and bringing the two together.

Caravan prays for Iraq at historic Holy Land sites

PETRA, Jordan (FBW)—Traveling in a caravan of vehicles across the Arabian desert, relief workers who had been scheduled to go into Iraq, but instead were diverted to Jordan, prayed together Sept. 5 that God would reveal His purpose to them.

A letter to ‘Mommy’ from a soldier in Iraq...

SEBRING (FBW)—Susan Cook, a member of Sunridge Baptist Church in Sebring recently shared with Florida Baptist Witness this letter she received from her 21-year-old son Dustin Beerbower.

Women examine Voices Behind the Veil

DALLAS, Texas (FBW)–Christians in the West can no longer pretend that Muslims live on the other side of the world or that what they believe doesn’t affect them, states June Hunt, nationally-syndicated radio host of Hope for the Heart, in the foreword to Voices Behind the Veil, a new release from Kregel Publications. Since most Christians feel ill—equipped to witness to followers of Islam, she argues for learning more about the Muslim mindset in order to speak to their minds and their hearts.

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