September 16, 2004 Print Edition

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Disaster Relief workers return to Florida; Ivan may hit Pensacola

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-Even as all eyes turned to the U.S. Gulf Coast in anticipation of Hurricane Ivan's landfall, Southern Baptist feeding units were scheduled to be redeployed to Florida Sept. 14 to areas still suffering from the devastation caused by Hurricanes Charley and Frances.

Last Week: Volunteers make U-turn to get out of Ivan's way

LAKE WORTH (FBW)-Dozens of motorists drove hopefully into the parking lot at Palm Springs Baptist Church in Lake Worth, Sept. 9 for what could be their last hot evening meal for a while.

Bush brothers hand out ice, hope in devastated areas of Florida

FORT PIERCE (FBW)-President George W. Bush and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush rolled up their sleeves to stand side-by-side handing out bags of ice and words of hope Sept. 8 to residents of Fort Pierce. The coastal city, about 120 miles north of Miami is one of the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Frances-the huge storm which hit the east coast of Florida in the early morning Sept. 5 and traipsed across the state, creating wide-spread power outages and dumping water from east to west and then across the gulf to the Panhandle.

Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center battered by Frances

LEESBURG (FBW)-As Hurricane Frances was churning in the Atlantic bearing down on Florida's east coast, Florida Baptist Disaster Relief officials chose Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center to be the command center for aid efforts. But after Frances' fury made the Florida Baptist Convention facility a disaster zone, Lake Yale went from hosting relief workers to becoming a place in need of its own relief.

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It is difficult to realize that just days ago, everything was normal. Now, normal is coming out of the storm; waiting for the storm; or living through the storm! However, life has always had some of these elements.

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When calamity brings horrific death and suffering, as in Beslan, Russia, we do not honor the dead or the dignity of human beings by making doubt the measure of their worth. But the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, seems to think otherwise. His interview on the BBC was sensitive and caring, but its ending was disheartening. He said that the Beslan catastrophe caused his faith to tremble. That is good. We should tremble indeed in a world so ripe for judgment, where we know our own sins keenly. But he went further and said something that should dismay us when we consider his rank and influence as a leader of Christ's people. "When you see the depth of energy that people can put into such evil, then ... there is a flicker, there is a doubt. It would be inhuman, I think, not to react in that way."

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First, there was Hurricane Charley. Then, there was Hurricane Frances. Unbelievably, Hurricane Ivan could affect the state this week. My dad called from Kentucky to check on us and asked, "What are you all doing in Florida to get all these hurricanes!" What he asked in jest, others ask sincerely, "What's up with all of this?"

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Financial planning encompasses many issues. Here are a few of the basic concerns that everyone should address.

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For the past few weeks, it seems that every time you watched a cable news program or a convention commentary, there was former New York governor Mario Cuomo, talking about his new book, Why Lincoln Matters: Today More Than Ever.


Have fun with cryptography and exercise your Bible knowledge. A King James Version verse is encoded by letter substitution. The same letter is substituted throughout the puzzle. Solve by trial and error.

Frances' victims find hope at I-95 corridor churches

MELBOURNE (FBC)-In the days after Hurricane Frances struck the Florida peninsula, some signs of recovery were appearing along the east coast of the state. Power was restored in some areas and a few restaurants and businesses were slowly opening. Gasoline was available but required waiting in lines that stretched around the corner or spending the night at the station to be among the first in line.

Bobby Welch says evangelism `absolutely must unify us'

OKLAHOMA CITY (BP)--The battle for the Bible is over in the Southern Baptist Convention, but SBC President Bobby Welch nevertheless is preaching about unity wherever his "Everyone Can Kingdom Challenge for Evangelism" bus tour stops.

Two members of Bobby Bowden's family killed in car crash

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (BP)-A prominent Southern Baptist family was among those who suffered tragedy at the hands of Hurricane Frances.

Preliminary listing of churches, other properties damaged by hurricanes released

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-The Florida Baptist Convention reported Sept. 10 that preliminary reports are in on damaged church and convention related facilities in the wake of Hurricane Frances which came ashore in the Vero Beach area in the early morning hours of Sept. 6.

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