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Pensacola Beach baptisms stir Gulf

PENSACOLA (FBW)-In the first baptism service outside the walls of its Pensacola sanctuary, Olive Baptist Church immersed new believers in warm Gulf waters Sept. 3. The ordinance is only the first of several to be planned by the church in public arenas.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (BP)-In a nation portrayed in the media as Osama bin Laden's reputed hideout, a terrorist hot potato and a land in danger of the influences of Islamic fundamentalism, God has never been working more, according to Southern Baptists who labor inside its borders.

Southern Baptists 'most political'

PHOENIX (BP)-Protestant clergy and laity are far from being of one mind about religion and politics, though most clergy and laypeople agree that their church is not heavily involved in politics, according to a report in the September/October edition of Facts & Trends magazine.

Point of View

Wise King Solomon taught: "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven ... a time to love, and a time to hate" (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 8). When is hating time? When is it ever okay, much less appropriate, for a Christian to hate? Isn't hate a sin? Isn't it always wrong for a Christian to hate?

Letters to the Editor

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Point of View

During the past two weeks I have been sharing some articles written by my good friend, Dr. Sumner Wemp. I hope you enjoy their encouragement as much I do:

Point of View

Every few years some cultural event comes along that should remind us that we are different and American culture does not understand much of what we say. I remember the 1970s noise about Jesus Christ, Superstar, a Broadway musical that gave us catchy tunes and a tragic, martyred Christ who remained in the tomb. Some Christians really appreciated the attention and others were troubled by the false, at least incomplete, gospel the musical presented.

Point of View

"The heart wants what it wants."

Directors Chavis, Vazquez to retire after 13 years

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-Thirteen years after Jim Chavis and Raul Vazquez began their tenures at the Florida Baptist Convention they are retiring. Each man has left a unique legacy and Florida Baptists will continue to see the benefits far into the future.

Dating talk leads to God questions in apartment ministry

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-Jeremy and Heather Hicks lived on the mission field. It was not an overseas country or foreign land, but it is a mission field nonetheless.

Sports ministry is 'field of dreams' in outreach

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-The crack of a bat, the thud of a basketball, the slap of a volleyball, the shout of a cheerleader, the prayer of a child, the words of the Gospel.

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