September 1, 2005 Print Edition

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Hurricane Katrina strikes United States twice:

BILOXI, Miss. (FBW)–Hurricane Katrina blew back into the United States early Aug. 29 making landfall as a Category 4 storm with 140 mph winds battering the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts and pushing a storm surge east into the gulf coast for more than a 100 miles away. At least half a million people were without power Monday from Louisiana to Florida’s Panhandle, including 370,000 in southeastern Louisiana and 116,400 in Alabama, mostly in the Mobile area. Katrina made landfall near Grand Isles, La.

Florida relief teams dispatched to Mississippi in Katrina’s wake

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–Florida Baptist disaster relief personnel were dispatched to Mississippi to respond to the damage and destruction caused when Hurricane Katrina, a category 4 storm packing 140 mph winds, hit the Mississippi-Alabama coast in the early morning of Aug. 29.

After Gaza, Jerusalem central issue for peace

JERUSALEM (BP)–As painful as it has been, Israel’s evacuation of nearly 9,000 of its own angry and heartbroken settlers from the Gaza Strip may be the last “easy” part of forging peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Former legislator trades ‘temporal’ political role for ‘eternal’ one

TAMPA (FBW) – For a man who has spent virtually his entire adult life enmeshed in all things political – as a legislative aide in Tallahassee, in local government, and as a longtime lawmaker in both chambers of the Florida Legislature – John Grant professes no hesitancy in trading away future political ambitions for the opportunity to lead an international Bible distribution ministry.

Point of View

Only God knows the full impact the Maguire State Mission Offering has made, is making and will continue to make in His Kingdom. The King’s heart is always glad when His followers and servants do right things. This does reflect his grace and love.

Point of View

A number of years ago I was invited by a friend to fly down south and meet a friend of his, an old country preacher who happened to refer to himself as Preacher. Preacher led a rehab for drug addicts and alcoholics. While walking around this “farm,” I learned a concept that has stuck with me. It’s wisdom wrapped in a pair of overalls, cowboy boots and a hat that had seen better days. Perhaps it doesn’t sound very sophisticated, but it is a crucial aspect of effective life and leadership.

Point of View

I love hearing how churches honor their pastors and pastoral families for Clergy Appreciation Month each October. But how can you, as an individual church member, honor and encourage your ministers? Here are 25 simple ideas. Pick one!

Hispanic, Haitian churches join FBC

According to a report released by the Florida Baptist Convention’s Church Planting Department, Florida Baptists started 11 new churches in June and July 2005.

Monster trucks ‘hooks’ for fishers of men

LAKE CITY (FBC)–The banner strung across Highway 90 advertising Hopeful Baptist Church’s free monster truck event Aug. 19-21 was more than a sign, it was a hook.

John Maguire: Missions commitment realized through love of people

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—In 1945 Florida was poised on the threshold of post-war change and growth when John Maguire was chosen as the Florida Baptist Convention’s sixth executive secretary.

Prayer Guide highlights healthcare clinics, partnership missions

The Maguire State Mission Offering is designed to further the Florida Baptist Convention’s commitment to evangelism, church starting and church development by underwriting mission and ministry activities developed by Convention program departments.

In Kurdish Iraq: Breaking bread, sharing the Gospel

KURDISH IRAQ (BP)—The drive across northern Iraq winds down one mountain pass into a narrow valley only to go up another, crisscrossing a tortured landscape of sharp, barren crags. The rocks fold on one another in a geological rollercoaster that seems as implausible as my presence here.

Despite turmoil, churches in Iraq continue to be optimistic

IRAQI KURDISTAN (BP)—Beneath the rubble of news about bombings, hostage-taking and political wrangling in Iraq lies a more positive picture of fledgling evangelical churches, Compass Direct news service noted in a report during the July 8-10 weekend.

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