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Space Coast Seafarers celebrates 10 years

CAPE CANAVERAL (FBW)—Jackie Brantley goes on a mission trip every Wednesday evening and one Sunday per month. On July 29 alone, Brantley visited Peru, China, Philippines, India, Romania, Holland, Argentina, Ghana, and Columbia.

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The worst country in the world for a person to wake up in the morning is North Korea, where all of the citizens that are not part of the totalitarian state government apparatus are prisoners. They are devoid of even the most foundational human freedoms that God intended for all human beings. Each of us was created in the image of God (Gen. 1:27), deserving respect and protection.

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Southern Baptists got out of the medical missions business overseas when they stopped running mission hospitals, right?

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Tributes are typically reserved for the retiring and the deceased. Dr. James T. Draper retired from LifeWay Christian Resources on Feb. 1, 2006, and the tributes were voluminous. And Dr. Draper certainly does not fit the category of deceased as he remains more active in ministry than ever.

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As the summer grinds on, the war of words over the real war in Iraq is growing hotter every day. Critics of the war are saying that the American people are fed up and want the troops to come home; that the Iraqi government needs to step up and take responsibility for the growing violence; that the war is straining our military-and our soldiers—to the breaking point.

Family Impact Summit to connect Christians to community

BRANDON (FBW)—Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, no stranger to community impact activities such as voter registration opportunities and candidate forums, plans to continue connecting a Christian perspective to community issues through a Family Impact Summit Sept. 20-22.

2007 Maguire State Mission Offering

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Gathered beneath a tent on a grassy lot this past Easter morning, members of Iglesia Bautista Deermeadows Hispana sang praises so loudly their voices carried to a nearby highway.

Conference spotlights medical missions

ROCKVILLE, Va. (BP)—By lunchtime her first day at the Global Medical Alliance, Brandi Bhimji already felt excited—and a bit overwhelmed.

Medical volunteers: Don't let barriers trip you

ROCKVILLE, Va. (BP)—After participating in 10 medical mission projects—from Southeast Asia to Ukraine to the jungles of Peru—Larry Wallin knows all the reasons Christian doctors give for not going on mission trips.

JESUS' film available in 1,000 languages

ORLANDO (BP)—The "JESUS" film reached a major milestone in July when it debuted in its 1,000th language, Lanka Kol, spoken by more than 1 million people in India.

Conservatives concerned APA limiting homosexuals' treatment

NEW YORK (BP)—Conservative and evangelical leaders are expressing concern that an American Psychological Association task force might condemn efforts on the part of some homosexuals to change their sexual preference.

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