August 3, 2006 Print Edition

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2006 State Missions Offering Campaign begins

JACKSONVILLE (FBC) – “Grace, grace, God’s grace; Grace that is greater than all our sin.”

Brunson reflects on transition to Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE (FBW) — “The destination pulpit for any pastor had better be where God wants him to be,” Donald McCall “Mac” Brunson said in a July 18 interview with Florida Baptist Witness, reflecting on the fact that he left First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas — long considered the most prominent pulpit in the Southern Baptist Convention — to come to First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, another well-known post.

Long road home from war-torn Lebanon

FORNEY, Texas (BP) – Ron Byrd is going to meet his wife. It has been nine hard days, a rollercoaster ride of emotion. The love of his life, Amy, is a week overdue, one among many Americans caught in the conflict that exploded in Lebanon, stranded when war began.

Lebanese Baptists ‘bold’ in ministry to hurt, displaced

BEIRUT, Lebanon (FBW)—For older Lebanese Christians war is not new. What is new is a profound sense of openness in ministering to those suffering as a result of terrorist instigated conflict in the country bordering Israel.

Point of View

If you know much about basketball, you probably know what a “give and go” is. It’s when I pass (“give”) the ball to my teammate, and then instead of just standing there I cut (“go”) toward the basket — hopefully leaving the opponent guarding me behind — and then I receive a return pass and score.

Point of View

“It’s good to go to a college that is religious, but it doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is getting my education.” So claimed a Georgetown College sophomore in a July 22 New York Times article titled, “Feeling Strains, Baptist Colleges Cut Church Ties.”

Point of View

To be writing this article is truly an overwhelming feeling. As I have said in previous press releases, the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention is not something I ever sought or ever believed to be possible. However, God directed this entire scenario in an incredible fashion. I also stated my belief that my election would simply not occur. Today, I confess that my belief was totally shortsighted. I believe that my election as president of the Southern Baptist Convention did not belong to any one subset of leaders of people. This convention belongs to the Lord!

Point of View

President Bush vetoed July 19 a bill that, had it become law, would have deeply eroded respect for human life. It was a courageous act because there was enormous pressure on him to agree to fund more embryo-destructive research.

Collegians share Christ’s love with internationals

TAMPA (FBC)—Sibylle Friedrich arrived at the University of South Florida for a 10-week stint as an international research scholar at the Florida Mental Health Institute located on campus. The doctoral student from Hamburg, Germany, hoped to adapt some of the state’s successful and innovative social work techniques to meet needs of families in her homeland.

Author steers students on different path

ORLANDO (FBC)—Troy Schmidt is passionate about sharing the Gospel with college students because he doesn’t want to see them travel the mistake-ridden journey he made early in his life.

BCF polishes campus, programs for incoming students

GRACEVILLE (FBW)—The Baptist College of Florida in Graceville is initiating new programs, faculty, staff and residences for the fall semester, according to BCF press releases. The West Florida campus is actively preparing the campus for hundreds of returning students.

What’s new for Bible Drill in 2007

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—The Discipleship and Family Department is introducing some new and reintroducing some old elements of the Bible Drill scripture memory plan.

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