August 25, 2005 Print Edition

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Fla. collegians surf Ridgecrest for training, friendships

ASHEVILLE (FBW)–Florida students led the way at National Collegiate Week this year, comprising about half of the attendance at Ridgecrest Conference Center near Asheville, N.C.

Starbuck’s coffee cup promotes homosexual agenda

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–After nearly a decade of lying low, Starbucks has reentered the homosexual rights movement in a few ways that have put at least one conservative watchdog group on alert.

$38.4 mil 2006 CP budget proposed

JACKSONVILLE (FBC) – A 2006 Cooperative Program budget of $38,462,531 was approved by the Budget-Allocations Committee of the State Board of Missions during its annual budget hearings Aug. 11 at the Baptist Building in Jacksonville.

Maguire offering aids missions

 Children attending VBS at Jones Road Baptist Church in Jacksonville gave an offering to help support missions in Brazil in partnership with the Florida Baptist Convention.

FBC Photo

Children attending VBS at Jones Road Baptist Church in Jacksonville gave an offering to help support missions in Brazil in partnership with the Florida Baptist Convention.

Point of View

The strong reaction to President Bush’s recent remarks concerning his belief that Intelligent Design should be taught alongside the theory of evolution in public schools would lead one to believe that the president had suggested replacing all science classes with classes on voodoo. Barry Lynn, the executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, called the President’s remarks “irresponsible” and a demonstration of the president’s ignorance of science. Massachusetts U.S. Rep. Barney Franks told the Washington Post that the president’s comments prove that “a fundamentalist right has taken over the Republican Party.” Franks also quipped that the president’s remarks prove that one “can be totally impervious to the effects of Harvard and Yale education.” In short, liberals like Lynn and Franks intimate that nothing the Bible says is scientific and anyone who believes what the Bible says is stupid.

Letters to the Editor

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Point of View

President Bush sent reporters into a tizzy recently by saying that he thought schools ought to teach both evolution and intelligent design. Students ought to hear both theories, he said, so they “can understand what the debate is about.”

Point of View

At first glance it might not seem so obvious, but the difference between asserting belief in the Bible and actually believing the Bible is chasm-like. One involves verbal profession. The other demands ongoing practices. One requires the appropriate rhetoric. The other requires faithful obedience. While disagreements will always exist concerning justifiably debatable issues, belief in the Bible is best seen in the way a life is lived, not merely in one’s rhetoric about the Bible.

Point of View

Our church exists “to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.” That is our mission. “All things” means business, industry, education, media, sports, arts, leisure, government, and all the details of our lives. Ideally this means God should be recognized and trusted as supreme by every person He has made. But the Bible teaches plainly that there will never be a time before Jesus comes back when all people will honor Him as supreme (2 Thessalonians 1:6-10).

Tampa Baptist Campus Ministries to host Soul Passion

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–Hoping to encourage college-aged individuals to share their Christian faith and reach peers for Christ, a group of Tampa area churches and their local Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) will host a two-day “Soul Passion” event Sept. 23-24 at Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon.

Fall edition of Cross Roads reveals Florida Baptist heart for missions

JACKSONVILLE–(FBC) The Fall edition of CROSS ROADS video magazine, “Reflecting the Heart of the King” is set to air across the state Sept. 2-4 and nationally on Family Net.

2005 Sunday School retreats

JACKSONVILLE (FBC) – A Sunday School Leadership Retreat will be held during Sept. 16-17 at Blue Springs Baptist Conference Center.

Summer missions ‘a stepping stone to doing more for God’

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (FBW)–Each year, National Collegiate Week at Ridgecrest Conference Center serves as a place for college students to learn about leadership, to deepen their walks with the Lord, and to fellowship with other believers. But for many Florida students, Collegiate Week also serves as an official “debriefing” time following their summer missions experiences.

Small-town congregation grows vision for worldwide ministry in Haiti

HOLT (FBC)—The Florida Panhandle community of Holt has less than a thousand residents, two convenience stores, two churches, one flashing signal light and a heart for being Christ’s ambassadors to the rest of the world.

First Brazilian Baptist, Pompano Beach, returns to homeland with Gospel

POMPANO BEACH (FBC)—For 15 years First Brazilian Baptist Church in Pompano Beach has extended open arms to Brazilians in South Florida. The church has customized its ministries to meet community needs by providing everything from transportation to encouragement to a helping hand.

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