August 24, 2006 Print Edition

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2006 Primary Election Special Report

This special report contains interviews Florida Baptist Witness conducted with the major candidates running for the Democrat and Republican nominations for governor and the candidates running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in their respective Sept. 5 primaries.

Florida Baptists fuel flames of revival in Cuba

CUBA (FBC)—There is a fresh wind blowing in Cuba. One can see it in the eyes of the young Baptist pastors assuming leadership positions within the Western Cuba Baptist Convention. And it is evident in the excitement of an older generation of Baptists who sacrificed their freedom for the faith of those who would come later.

Faith community unites against violence

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—Small lights around the necks of several hundred victims of violence shone in the darkened Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville August 12. Concentrated in one section of the arena, the number of lights illustrated the importance of an event intent on uniting people of faith against violence.

Jesus and Muhammad

GRACEVILLE (FBW)—Many Christians experience surprise when they learn of the esteem Muslims grant to Jesus, a man illustrious in this world and the next (Surah 3:40). The Qur’an mentions Jesus in 93 ayas (verses) in fifteen Surahs (chapters).

Point of View

Does the destruction of human embryos amount to murder? White House spokesman Tony Snow put this question on the front burner recently when he described President Bush’s position as follows:

Point of View

Lately, opponents of Christian cultural engagement have been using a new word to characterize us. In addition to oldies-but-goodies like “bigots” and “fanatics,” they’re now calling us “theocrats.”

Author, coach reaches kids through sports camps

PENSACOLA (FBW)—Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola was the site of Coach Roger Dutremble’s first Christian basketball camp five years ago. The annual Global Sports Outreach camp at Olive remains among his largest and most successful teaching camps.

2007 Cooperative Program budget proposal up 6.69 percent

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—A $41,035,016 Cooperative Program budget for 2007 was approved by the Budget-Allocations Committee of the State Board of Missions during its annual budget planning meeting Aug. 10 at the Baptist Building in Jacksonville.

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