August 21, 2003 Print Edition

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Palm Beach tornado elicits quick response

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-A tornado that ripped through northern Palm Beach County Aug, 7 destroyed and damaged dozens of homes, but also provided opportunities for Florida Baptists and Palm Lake Baptists to minister to persons whose lives had been turned upside down.

God opens doors for medical care

FORT LAUDERDALE (FBC)—Every week, needy persons of all races look to the Fort Lauderdale’s Immanuel Church for medical treatment. They know they will not be turned away. The church’s clinic is the only free non-government sponsored medical services available to the uninsured poor living in north Broward County.

Guest Editorial

Recently, I had the privilege of attending my first meeting as a trustee of the International Mission Board (IMB). Here are some "first hand" impressions and some facts that may be helpful and encouraging.


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Have fun with cryptography and exercise your Bible knowledge. A King James Version verse is encoded by letter substitution. The same letter is substituted throughout the puzzle. Solve by trial and error.


Let me add one more voice to the cacophonies surrounding the election of a practicing homosexual to the office of bishop in the Episcopal Church.


The commitment of a pastor who will lead the church to grow must be to evangelism. The pastor cannot compromise this focus as primary within the church. God will bless the church which keeps the main thing the main thing. The challenge will be to keep reaching the lost at the heartbeat of all that is done. The temptation will always be present to place evangelism in the background. The pastor must protect this awesome privilege and priority from becoming misplaced among well doing. It is the responsibility of the pastor to set the tone for the congregation in this matter.


When the courthouse in Miami, Florida’s Liberty City neighborhood was closed for renovations, Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge Joel Brown had an idea. The county was already using a bus to bring other government services into local neighborhoods. Why not use the bus as a rolling divorce court as well?


The Episcopal Church USA voted to confirm the denomination’s first openly homosexual bishop. By a vote of 62-45, Episcopal bishops made a historic decision August 5 to break with the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality and endorse openly homosexual Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, a divorced father of two.

Evangelism conference focus turns to spiritual battle

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-Camouflaged in battle gear, rifle in hand, the make-shift trench could not save the soldier from his unseen enemy.

No-frills 2004 CP Budget approved by Allocations Committee

JACKSONVILLE–A no-growth 2004 Cooperative Program budget of $35,320,365 was initially approved by the State Board of Mission’s Budget-Allocations Committee during its annual budget planning meeting Aug. 14 at the Baptist Building.

New Church Starts

According to a report released by the Florida Baptist convention’s Church Planting Department, Florida Baptist started 11 new churches in July 2003. The new churches included: five Anglo congregations; three African-American congregations; two Haitian congregations and one Korean congregation.

Witness Commission seeks board expansion

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—Florida Baptist Witness Commission unanimously approved five recommendations from its Strategic Planning Committee, including a request to expand the Commission’s membership and the creation of a new campaign to grow the newspaper’s endowment, in its Aug. 11-12 meeting in Jacksonville.

Networking, caring typify widow’s ministry

FORT LAUDERDALE (FBC)-Five days before "Miss Randall," began her new job at the Broward County Commission, she returned to the Immanuel Baptist Church to thank Janet Doherty for changing her life.

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