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Former KKK terrorist shares testimony

OXFORD, England (BP)—Once billed as “the most dangerous man in Mississippi,” former Ku Klux Klan member and terrorist Tom Tarrants became a Christian while in prison for attempted murder and now serves as president of the C.S. Lewis Institute in Washington, D.C.

Orlando Brazilian church finds God’s presence

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—After migrating to Orlando from Brazil, Tatiana Oliveira, 27, accepted Christ at the Primera Igreja Batista Brasileira de Orlando and eventually drew her future husband Erik Erben, 28, to the church.

Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

GRACEVILLE (FBW)—Christianity and Islam affirm monotheism, the belief in one God only. In addition, the biblical revelation and the Qur’an affirm similar attributes to the one Supreme God. The one Great God is First and Last (Isa. 41:4; Surah 57:3), all-powerful (Jer. 32:27; Surah 2:142-3), all-knowing (Ps. 147:5; Surah 13:9, 6:59), Creator (Gen. 1; Surah 16:3-12), and Judge.

Point of View

Americans who value human dignity received mixed news in mid-July. There was good news: The Senate passed a bill that bans “fetal farming,” a practice in which scientists create human embryos for the purpose of harvesting “spare parts.” Then there was bad news: The Senate approved a bill that would allow federal money to support embryonic stem cell research. In other words, scientists could kill “excess” human embryos and use the remains in research funded by taxpayer money.


CORRECTION: The Cooperative Program mid-year report submitted by the Florida Baptist Convention in the July 27 issue of Florida Baptist Witness inadvertently omitted the following contributors from the Miscellaneous category:

Point of View

When a New Orleans doctor and two nurses were charged with euthanizing several critically ill patients at Memorial Medical Center after Hurricane Katrina, a front-page headline here subsequently read: “Doctor’s colleagues rush to her defense,” while a local television station gave five minutes to Dr. Anna Pou’s sister and brother to defend her.

Point of View

The headline was positively gleeful on the website of the left-wing group DefCon recently: “Science Wins the Day in Kansas.”

Leesburg mother finds Bible Drill curriculum ideal

LEESBURG (FBC)—As the mother and teacher of four homeschooled children ages 6 to 13, Wendy Holland was not looking for another teaching program when she came upon the Children and Youth Bible Drill curriculum.

Receipts benefit Associations

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Each year the Maguire State Mission Offering includes an opportunity for local associations to receive a portion of the offering receipts to benefit local mission and ministries causes. By setting and achieving a goal for their churches, associational leaders will receive a percentage of the gifts from that association.

BCM directors prepare for new year, new students

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—As students prepare for the start of the college school year, Baptist Collegiate Ministry directors are preparing for their arrival. Below is a listing of BCM directors by area.

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