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2007 Maguire State Mission Offering

HAVANA, CUBA (FBC)—The Gospel is being shared in Cuba. Lives are being changed. New churches are being started.

Youth challenged to meet people 'at their well'

DAYTONA BEACH (FBC)—Ignited by the hope that Florida Baptist youth could impact the state for Christ, more than 700 middle and high school students gathered July 27-29 at First Baptist Church in Daytona for the 2007 Youth Evangelism Conference.

After war in Lebanon the 'real work' begins

SOUTHERN LEBANON (BP)—Ruined buildings, their walls peppered by bullets and shrapnel, still mark Lebanon's landscape a year after the 34-day conflict with Israel ended. Where homes and schools once stood, empty lots remain.

Orlando approved for NOBTS extension

ORLANDO (BP)—The main accrediting agency for theological education in North America has approved two major initiatives by New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary—the enhancement of two seminary extension centers in Orlando and Atlanta and a modified residency requirement for the doctor of philosophy degree.

Point of View

Southern Baptists have a love/hate relationship with statistics.

Point of View

I lifted the Bible from the boy's hands, turned to the passage and returned it to him. As I did, a thought fluttered through my mind, "Oh, Lord, how wonderful it would be to have a son to teach Your Word to."

Point of View

Atheism has nearly always been with us in one form or another, but the atheists we've been hearing the most from lately—chiefly Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris—are a new breed. Unlike the old-school humanists, the new atheists—or anti-theists, as some of them prefer to be called—don't want to just deny the existence of God, they want to wipe religion off the map.

2007 Maguire State Mission Offering

PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI (FBC)—"Haiti is a special country. It is very poor spiritually, morally and financially," said pastor Etienne Pierre, director of ministry for the Confraternite Missionannaire Baptiste d'Haiti (CMBH).

2007 Maguire State Mission Offering

IVYDALE, WV (FBC)—What does God's blessing look like?

Tablet detail lends new power to Jeremiah, expert says

LONDON (BP)—It's doubtful that many Christians remember the name "Nebo-Sarsekim" from reading the Old Testament, but thanks to an archaeological discovery at the British Museum, they may in the future.

Nine-day prayer gathering Nov. 3-11 urges humility before God

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (BP)—The dream of a West Virginia pastor has spawned a nine-day prayer gathering with the theme "Broken Before the Throne," and Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page is urging people nationwide to attend in expectation of God's moving.

SEBTS, LifeWay & Founders announce Calvinism conf.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (LCR)—Calvinism, a frequent topic within the Southern Baptist Convention and beyond, will be the theme of a Nov. 26-28 conference sponsored by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Founders Ministries.

Seminarians, retirees get boost from GuideStone

SAN DIEGO (BP)—A new insurance benefit for seminarians and added assistance for needy retirees were noted by GuideStone Financial Resources President O.S. Hawkins as enhancements that have been added to the Southern Baptist entity's long-range ministry.

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