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Spain’s 1-to-nothing victory over Germany in the finals of the European Soccer Championship marked her first major title in 44 years. Well, now Spain has gotten the proverbial monkey off her back—just in time to make the monkey a Spanish citizen or the next best thing to it.

Youth called to share faith with urgency

ORLANDO (FBC)—”The Youth Evangelism Conference is like going to boot camp for your faith,” said Jessica Tavone, director of student ministries at Florida Gardens Baptist Church in Lake Worth, who brought eight students to the State Youth Evangelism Conference Aug. 1-2 at First Baptist Church in Orlando.

Maguire State Mission Offering

SEBRING (FBC)—Hopeless and hurting after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Robert Roger’s suffering was further aggravated when hospitals denied him treatment. Unable to pay for his medical treatment, he was left to wonder if he would live or die.

Florida Baptist Convention wins two top awards at NAMB conference

ATLANTA, Ga. (NAMB)—The Florida Baptist Convention was recently honored by the North American Mission Board’s church planting group for “being No. 1 in the commitment to expand the Kingdom of God” by planting 140 new churches in 2007—an achievement that led the Southern Baptist Convention in new church starts.

Point of View

The Aymara Indian’s crushed skull and his twisted legs were all that could be seen protruding from beneath the wrecked SUV that lay above us on the Andean hillside. “There has been an accident,” a policeman told us. “Three people are dead. Can you help us recover the bodies?”

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Point of View

In 1991, in the heat of the Southern Baptist controversy known as the “Conservative Resurgence,” Paige Patterson authored an important and visionary article, in what was at the time Southern Seminary’s journal, the Review and Expositor (Vol. 88, 1991; 37-55). The title was “My Vision of the Twenty-First Century SBC.”

Point of View

When you’re in the media, you’re often given the opportunity to watch a movie before it’s available in the theaters or in stores. The goal by those in public relations, of course, is to get you to like the movie and write about it.

Point of View

Presidents can say the strangest things in front of an open microphone, especially if he thinks the mic is not on. Take President Reagan’s famous quip back in 1984, when he said shortly before his weekly radio address, “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

Theological education classes set to start in August

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Fall theological education classes will now be offered at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville.

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