July 30, 2009 Print Edition

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Florida Baptists anticipate embracing needs with generosity through Maguire offering

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Florida Baptists look to the month of September as a time of awareness, reflection and prayer for the great opportunities God has presented them in the state.

Gov. Crist announces record number of adoptions for ‘Explore Adoption Day’

LAKELAND (FBW)—Florida Baptist Children’s Homes president Jerry Haag joined Florida’s Gov. Charlie Crist today in noting an increase in adoptions this past year, especially for those traditionally moredifficult to place—older children and sibling groups.

Hunt personalizes GCR commitment as model to denomination

PANAMA CITY BEACH (FBW)—A “Great Commission Resurgence”—the much-talked about movement in the months leading up to the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting last month in Louisville—is no mere theory for Johnny Hunt. The SBC president is attempting to embody GCR in his personal life, putting his own finances and his church’s money behind a renaissance of commitment to Jesus’ missionary mandate.

Asian family’s legacy stirs missions call

LEBANON, Ohio (BP)—“We’ve been waiting 30 years for you to come.”

Point of View: Why support 'Christmas in August' & other offerings

LUTZ (FBW)—If you trace my family heritage back you'll discover on my mom's side there has been a minister of the Gospel since the early 1800s. To ask if I love Southern Baptists would be an insult to my lineage. I do love our denomination, and I am fully aware of our faults, foibles, and failures. The truth is—if you biblically trace all of our families back far enough you'll find all of us come from a drunken sailor and a crooked farmer. We are indeed a great denomination, but still very much in need of God's hand, His Spirit, and His wisdom. We surely need Him far more than He needs us.

Editorial: The best Legislature gambling money can buy

The Seminole Indian Tribe and related businesses made $720,000 in political contributions in 2008—more than their giving in the previous 10 years combined and three times as much as that given in the 2006 election cycle.

Is it merely coincidental the previously gambling-expansion-skeptical Florida House of Representatives saw things differently during the 2009 legislative session and approved a gambling compact with the Seminoles resulting in the largest expansion of gambling in the history of the state?

Point of View: Response to the movie ‘Orphan’—Hollywood demonizes the orphan in new horror movie

LAKELAND (FBCH)—Last week I sat startled as I watched a preview for the new movie “Orphan.” This horror movie is a fictional account of a couple who lost their unborn child and then decided to adopt a nine-year-old girl named Esther.

Point of View: Two suggestions to SBC leaders from a younger pastor

As someone interested in remaining faithful to learning and living the ways of Jesus alongside fellow Southern Baptists, I want to make two suggestions to the current leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention. I am sharing this at an important time as those leaders look to reorganize and reprioritize. I really have no idea whether anyone in leadership will ever see this post. Nonetheless, I felt compelled to write it. If these suggestions are worth considering, I pray they will be helpful. If not, they probably won’t be read anyway.

Point of View: Dave Says

Dave Says is a column featuring the financial advice of nationally syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey, the Dave Says column is filled with timely, relevant questions and answers taken from actual calls on Ramsey's radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show.

Point of View: Hackles and Hacks—Religious freedom & the media

In 1998, Congress created the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. Its mandate was to “monitor the status offreedom of thought, conscience, and religion or belief abroad.”

337 baptized at First Baptist Orlando

ORLANDO (BP)—“People are going to die tonight."

Behind-bars: First Baptist Orlando baptizes 27 Inmates

ORLANDO (FBW)—It was an impactful experience for First Baptist Church Orlando Senior Pastor David Uth.

Religious expression limits challenged in Santa Rosa County schools

PACE (FBW)—The Christian Educators Association International (CEAI), represented by Orlando-based Liberty Counsel, has filed a motion to intervene in a religious liberty case brought by the ACLU against the Santa Rosa County School District. The case stems from allegations made by two Pace High School students that the district and specific school employees were promoting prayer and religion in school.

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