July 20, 2006 Print Edition

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IMB calls for prayer in Mideastern conflict

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)—International Mission Board personnel in the Middle East urged Southern Baptists to pray for peace in Lebanon, Israel and the entire region as it plunges closer to full-scale warfare.

World Changers labor in & out of Florida

PANAMA CITY (FBW)—Just a few miles away from the storied elegance of Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Master’s Tournament, 180 participants in World Changers labored in 100-degree heat to mend houses in Augusta, Ga., June 10-17.

NOBTS partners with Florida Baptist Convention & International Mission Board to train leaders in Cub

NEW ORLEANS (BP)—­From humble beginnings, an informal partnership between New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Cuban Baptists has grown into an official partnership which includes Western Cuba Baptist Seminary, New Orleans Seminary, the Florida Baptist Convention and the International Mission Board.

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Point of View

One last word of my reflection on the 2006 Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Greensboro.

Point of View

When I see the number 2011, I think of some distant future that is too far away to generate much concern. But 2011 is less than five years away, and significant demographic trends are taking place. These trends are profound, but I fear that the American church is not ready or even aware of the changing landscape.

Point of View

Over the past few months I have found myself becoming increasingly involved in the dialogue surrounding current Southern Baptist Convention issues. As time has passed, I have come to notice a troublesome pattern, particularly between those who differ in their view of church methodology: the tendency of many individuals to attack people and motives rather than simply discuss issues.

Point of View

On July 7, the United Kingdom observed the first anniversary of the bus and Underground attacks in London that claimed 52 lives. One year later, according to the New York Times, “Britons are still asking what inspired the onslaught by British-born Muslims and whether the dark undercurrents of July 7, 2005, could resurface in a new attack.”

Florida Baptist nominating committee appointed

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—A Committee on Nominations composed of 25 pastors, 18 laypersons, two church staff members, two associational directors of missions and an associational staff member has been appointed by the officers of the Florida Baptist State Convention.

Interim director of African-American church planting department named

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Six months after Maxie Miller Jr. became director of African-American Church Planting Department, Executive Director-Treasurer John Sullivan named Miller the interim director of the African-American Ministries Division. Miller relieved Cecil Seagle, director of the Missions Division, who has been temporarily overseeing the African-American Division. In time, Sullivan will make a recommendation for a full-time director to be approved by the State Board of Missions.

Children’s Homes terminates arrested Lakeland employee

LAKELAND (FBW)—Florida Baptist Children’s Homes terminated Robert Lester Edwards, a house parent on its Lakeland campus, July 2 after he was arrested and charged with purchasing child pornography over the Internet.

Convention retirees served combined 108 years

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—During the first half of 2006, Florida Baptists said goodbye to six long-term Convention employees, with a combined 108 years of service, who retired from their posts. They served in mission fields, all endeavoring to minister to Florida Baptist churches and associations.

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