July 15, 2004 Print Edition

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Children’s Home marks Centennial with historic retreat

LEESBURG (FBCH)—A total of 279 Florida Baptist Children’s Homes’ residents, staff, trustees and special guests came together June 20-23 at Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center for an historic retreat dubbed the “Camp of Champions,” a celebration of the ministry’s 100th year of service. The children numbered 139; they came from the Children’s Homes’ campuses in Miami, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Pensacola.

Volunteers jailed for 2 days in restricted-access country

THE LAST FRONTIER (BP)—Four Southern Baptist volunteers imprisoned in a restricted-access country in Asia emerged after two days, testifying to God’s goodness and expressing an unfaltering desire to see the message of God’s salvation taken to the ends of the earth.

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Point of View

This week completes a six-week series on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. There are four aspects of the Holy Spirit in revelation: place in Christian experience; conviction of sin; illumination of Jesus Christ; and repentance and faith.

Point of View

The effort to place on the November 4 ballot in Hillsborough County an ordinance opposing public nudity was pushed aside by our government leaders. Churches across our county (primarily Southern Baptist churches) collected 10,500 petitions for this cause. The proposal was presented to the Board of County Commissioners by Commissioner Ronda Storms (a Southern Baptist) for consideration. The meeting on June 2 witnessed over 500 persons in attendance who supported this cause. The ordinance was carefully crafted in order to remove from our county this work of evil.

Point of View

“In 1993,” writes Helen Epstein in The New York Times magazine, “I ... spent some 18 months in Uganda, the country with the highest HIV-infection rate in the world at the time. I was conducting research on a vaccine to protect Africans from the virus. The vaccine was not a success, but what I didn’t know then was that HIV rates in Uganda were plummeting anyway.”


Have fun with cryptography and exercise your Bible knowledge. A King James Version verse is encoded by letter substitution. The same letter is substituted throughout the puzzle. Solve by trial and error.

VBS Rickshaw Rally giving supports retired ministers

GRACEVILLE (BCF)—Rickshaw Rally was in full swing June 13-18 consuming Southside Baptist Church in Mulberry—complete with bamboo gardens, wind chimes, tables only a foot off the ground with pillows for seats and a rickshaw for riding. The Japanese- themed “Far Out, Far East” Vacation Bible School drew crowds averaging in the 80’s each night to the relatively small church that runs about the same attendance at its weekly services.

FamilyNet news to cover national political conventions

FORT WORTH, Texas (FNT) – FamilyNet News offers live, prime-time, up-to-date coverage of both national political conventions.

First Baptist Graceville sponsors Jackson County Mission plant

Feb. 29, Jackson County Mission moved into a new location on Brown Street in Graceville.

Olive Baptist sponsors church plant in Hoosier State

INDIANAPOLIS (FBW)—The Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in Indianapolis provided leaders of Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola with an opportunity to meet and strategize with the Indiana church planter the Florida congregation is sponsoring.

Pace pastor injured in Shocco Springs camp accident

PACE (FBW)—Crediting a May 30 life-threatening injury for his congregation’s new-found unity, Panhandle pastor Norm Sullivan says the church’s reaction in the midst of crisis is evidence of God at work.

2004 Florida Baptist Hunger Awareness offering

Mercy is a personal characteristic of caring for the needs of others. The biblical concept of mercy refers to helping those who are in need and distress.

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