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Pastor: Online confession 'Good for the Soul'

COOPER CITY (FBW)—The concept of a dramatic confession is not new. An individual sits in a dark, two-sided booth with a small sliding door where they catch a glimpse of a shadowed figure on the other side. They confess their sins and receive instructions on absolution. What is new is that concept played out online-minus the absolution.

Page to Carter: Less 'mic' more Bible

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page has called on organizers of a planned January 2008 gathering of moderates and liberals to focus less on their plan to "take the microphone away" from conservatives and attend more to spreading the message of the Gospel.

Ken Whitten to nominate Georgian for Pastors' Conf.

LUTZ (FBW)—Michael Catt, senior pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga., will be nominated as president of the Pastors' Conference, Florida pastor Ken Whitten announced June 1.

Mac Brunson to nominate Texas exec for first VP

JACKSONVILLE (BP)—Mac Brunson, pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, has announced his intention to nominate James W. Richards, executive director of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, for first vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

State Board establishes Orlando 'hub' for education

LEESBURG (FBC)—Florida Baptists' statewide system of theological education was expanded with funding and staff during the State Board of Missions meeting May 25.

SBOM taps Miller as African American Ministries Director, adds 3 new staff

LEESBURG (FBC)—The promotion of a Florida Baptist Convention staff member to a division level position and the hiring of three persons to the Convention staff highlighted personnel matters during the May 25 State Board of Missions meeting at Lake Yale Conference Center.

141 Baptized at Cocoa Beach in special ceremony

COCOA BEACH (FBW)—More than 1,000 people showed up at Cocoa Beach as First Baptist Church in Orlando, in a special ceremony, baptized 141 people clad in special blue shirts featuring the church's logo.

Point of View

Recently my pastor asked for those who had ever heard God speak to them in an audible voice to raise their hand.

Point of View

Recently, I sat in the packed auditorium of Thomas Road Baptist Church, and I actually shivered.

Point of View

Prior to recognizing and surrendering to the call of God upon my life, I was a practicing economist and financier. Statistics and accounting—the discipline of mathematics applied to social trends and the management of money—were the focus of my daily thoughts and deeds. The statistical side of economics in comparison with the reporting side of accounting brought greater joy to this former practitioner of the financial arts as economics involves understanding human behavior. Yet, like other social scientists, economists deal with both the measurable and the immeasurable precisely because they are dealing with the attitudes and actions of human beings.

Point of View

Confessing your deepest, darkest sins has become the latest craze, at least on the Internet. Recently, a new wave of websites have popped up, calling all sinners to come forward—anonymously, of course.

Project Light takes Bibles to Congress, Pentagon

LAKELAND (FBW)—In a continuing effort to saturate Washington, D.C., with God's Word, First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland members recently distributed Bibles in the offices of senators and members of congress. Team members visited 435 offices in three government buildings in one business day to personally thank staff members and hand each a Bible.

CROSS ROADS broadcast available on DVD, VHS

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Hours before volunteers from Northwood Baptist Church in West Palm Beach are ready to distribute boxes of food; cars line the church's parking lot.

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