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Brunson: Focus on Jesus Christ’s pre-eminence

ORLANDO (FBW)—Preachers today are like Richard the Lionheart, who in 1191 could not win a victory of his own, but instead compromised with his enemy, according to Florida pastor Mac Brunson in his convention sermon June 16 to messengers at the SBC annual meeting in Orlando, Fla.

SBC must build its Great Commission legacy, Uth says

ORLANDO (FBW)-The Southern Baptist Convention sits at a crucial point in history when it must recommit to building a legacy of obedience to the Great Commission, David Uth, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Orlando, said June 13 at the SBC Pastor's Conference.

Whitten tells pastors to gauge success by God's measure

ORLANDO (FBW)-Florida's Ken Whitten, pastor of Idlewild Baptist Church in Tampa, cited King David's unrealized dream of building a temple for God to encourage pastors when they feel worthless or discouraged.

Pitman to be 2011 Southern Baptist Pastors' Conference president

ORLANDO (FBW)- Vance Pitman, pastor of Hope Baptist Church in Las Vegas, was elected president of the 2011 Southern Baptist Pastors’ conference in Phoenix prior to the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting there.

Frank Page elected EC president

ORLANDO (BP)--Frank Page was elected as the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee June 14 in Orlando, Fla. A former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Page will succeed Morris H. Chapman, who is retiring after 18 years in the position.

Wright elected SBC president on 2nd ballot

ORLANDO (FBW) – Bryant Wright, pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Ga., was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention June 15 on the second ballot.

Bryant Wright fields questions on GCR, CP and Calvinism

ORLANDO (SBT) – Newly elected Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright wants to see Southern Baptists return to their first love, radically reprioritize their lives, funding and ministries to fulfill the Great Commission and directly participate in overseas mission work.

Hunt, Chapman present opposing views before GCR debate

ORLANDO (IB) – Johnny Hunt, two-term president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Morris Chapman, 19-year president of the SBC Executive Committee, may have similar titles, but they presented diametrically opposed views of proposed changes to the SBC just hours before the vote.

An apology to our colleagues

Dear Members of ASBP,
As many of your are aware, the three of us co-authored an editorial in Florida Baptist Witness’ special SBC edition about the motion I presented this week asking the SBC Executive Committee to consider making Baptist Press a separate SBC entity.  There has been, we believe, a considerable amount of healthy discussion about both the concept we proposed and the editorial.  That, of course, was and is our purpose: for Southern Baptists, including our journalism colleagues, to discuss the most appropriate structure for the Convention’s news service.

GCRTF report overwhelmingly passes after 90-minute debate

ORLANDO (SBT)—After nearly a year of formulation and discussion among Southern Baptists and the pleas of proponents to “penetrate lostness,” messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting June 15 adopted, after lengthy discussion, a list of strategic and organizational recommendations aimed at fueling a resurgence of global Gospel advancement.

Editorial: Question answered

No, Gov. Charlie Crist is not pro-life. Question answered.

For me, there really was very little doubt about the answer to the question raised by my May 11, 2010, editorial, “Is Gov. Charlie Crist really pro-life?” In the wake of Crist’s June 11 veto of the pro-life bill HB 1143, that question should now be fully answered for just about everyone else.

Pastors focus on missions, adoption

ORLANDO (BP)—Under the banner of “Greater Things,” speakers during the June 14 afternoon and evening sessions of the 2010 Pastors’ Conference—held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando—focused on the Great Commission and the launch of a national campaign to help pastors adopt children.

Point of View: How far for the GCR?

Another year will record 2010 as an important time in Southern Baptist Convention life as messengers overwhelmingly affirmed we are a people who are on a mission. A Great Commission people. I’m deeply thankful for the missional and visionary leadership of Dr. Johnny Hunt, who led us in this journey by example and exhortation, and the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force, led by Dr. Ronnie Floyd, who served so faithfully, along with a wonderful team of Southern Baptist leaders.

Floridians at the Convention

ORLANDO (FBW)—Florida Baptist Witness asked several Floridians around the Orlando Convention Center June 16 their impressions of the annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting. Most appreciated the music and preaching of the meeting, and marveled at Baptist democracy in action. These are their comments:

Point of View: Dave Says

Dave Says is a column featuring the financial advice of nationally syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey, the Dave Says column is filled with timely, relevant questions and answers taken from actual calls on Ramsey's radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show.

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