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Crossover door-to-door gives impetus to Welch’s ‘Everyone Can’ initiative

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—Volunteer teams recorded more than 17,500 visits at homes and apartments across Nashville June 18 according to preliminary figures from the “door-to-door” Crossover evangelistic thrust preceding the Southern Baptist Convention’s June 21-22 annual meeting.

Crossover, SBC annual meeting kicks off summer of ‘firsts’

NASHVILLE (FBW)—In a summer of firsts, Romeo Baptist Church in Dunnellon sent its youth on the church’s first youth mission trip. It was also the first time the congregation’s senior pastor, Shawn Cutshall, attended a Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting.

Terri Schiavo autopsy reports ‘undetermined’ cause of death; indicates no eating disorder, heart att

LARGO (FBW)-Despite sifting through mountains of photographs and sorting through autopsy specimens, a Florida medical examiner said June 15 Terri Schiavo’s cause of death will be certified as “undetermined,” though postmortem findings indicate she died of “marked dehydration.”

Guest Editorial

When John wrote his gospel, Peter had probably already been killed by the Roman emperor, Nero. So when he recorded the words of Jesus about Peter’s coming death he was able to look back and interpret the symbolism Jesus had used. Here’s what Jesus said to Peter, with John’s interpretation.

Point of View

The past week’s article introduced the Old Testament sons of Issachar, men who are known for their wisdom and discernment of the culture.

Point of View

It’s a great Baptist tradition -- Wednesday Night dinner at the church. Whether it’s catered or cooked onsite, I’d never complain when someone else is cooking! Need fresh ideas to keep it special?

Bikes roar into Nashville on a mission

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—Youthful Tammy Bugg stowed her motorcycle helmet in a compartment of a powder-blue Harley and headed toward the hostess’ stand at the Spaghetti Factory when another diner pointed and sighed, “It’s one of those orange people.”

’04 Lottie Moon offering nearly matches ’03 record amount

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)—Following a year when Lottie Moon Christmas Offering giving shattered old records and removed appointment restrictions, Southern Baptists raised nearly that amount again by giving almost $134 million to overseas missions.

Point of View

Who would have thought, when Roe v. Wade was decided, that we’d all get used to living in a culture of death? But every once in a while, a story comes out of that culture that breaks your heart and makes you realize just how far we have fallen.

Point of View

During a recent presentation on Islam—“The Religion of the Sword”—I contrasted a quote from our president praising Islam as “good and peaceful” with a quote from Islam’s founder, Mohammed, asserting that “a day of blood shed in the cause of Allah” and “a night spent in arms” is better “than two months of fasting or prayer.” My reason for sharing these contradictory quotes was to show how the truth about Islam is being sugarcoated and suppressed. One member of the congregation took exception to my use of President Bush’s comment, insisting that our president had to praise Islam in order to protect Muslim Americans from harassment and discrimination.

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David Lema one of four new NOBTS professors

NEW ORLEANS (BP)—Four new faculty members have been appointed to the faculty of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary by President Chuck Kelley.

Florida Baptists start new churches

According to a report released by the Florida Baptist Convention’s Church Planting Department, Florida Baptists started 9 new churches in May 2005.

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