June 16, 2005 Print Edition

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Welch: Evangelistic ‘synergy,’ purpose needed

DAYTONA BEACH (FBW) – Bobby Welch is “overwhelmingly” encouraged by what he has observed visiting more than 180 cities during the past year as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, but he’s also very concerned about “deadly disconnects” he believes, if uncorrected, will harm the future of the nation’s largest non-Catholic denomination.

Family’s medical needs force CCFLA exec to knees in prayer

CASSELBERRY (FBW)– Gathering in front of a simple wooden cross on the dining room wall, the Stephens’ family of six prays together on their knees each evening—much like those who labor for families at the Christian Coalition of Florida (CCFLA) headquarters.

Public school resolutions offered for SBC annual meeting

HOUSTON/DAYTONA BEACH (SBT/FBW)—For the second straight year, resolutions critical of public schools have been submitted to the Southern Baptist Convention’s Resolutions Committee, perhaps setting the stage for another debate among messengers at this year’s annual meeting.

Welch calls for SBC presidency study, suggests two-year term of office

DAYTONA BEACH (FBW) – Bobby Welch thinks it’s presumptuous and arrogant for a SBC president to assume he will be re-elected to his constitutionally permitted second, one-year term. But he also thinks the one-year term is too short to get the job done effectively.

Point of View

“Of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command.” 1 Chronicles 12:32 NKJV

Point of View

Twenty-four percent.

According to research done for LifeWay Christian Resources, that’s the percentage of Southern Baptist ministers who pray for their denomination during an average week. A summary of that information can be found in the May/June issue of Facts & Trends magazine. My column in that issue addressed the findings, but with the Southern Baptist Convention less than two weeks away, prayer for the denomination is very much on my mind.

Point of View

Mark Felt, a consummate FBI professional, whom I dealt with often and trusted completely, turns out to have engaged in cloak-and-dagger escapades worthy of a Fredrick Forsythe novel in order to bring down what he believed was a corrupt presidency. Was he a hero? That’s the question the secular media have been asking me all week.

Sullivans to observe 50th wedding anniversary June 24

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Fifty years ago, a young West Virginian training to be a Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint expert married a young Arkansan who had been working at the Washington, D.C. bureau.

State evangelism head urges intentionality in sharing

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—With four months until the 2005 church year ends, Florida’s Evangelism Director David Burton is urging Florida Baptist churches to become more “intentional, aggressive and unapologetic” about leading people to Christ as Savior.

LifeWay International debuts Spanish resources in Miami

MIAMI (BP)—LifeWay International held its annual International Seminar for Hispanic Consultants May 13-15 in Miami, bringing together more than 25 consultants and distributors from North, Central and South America.

Jacksonville clothier suits Pensacola pastors after storms

PENSACOLA (FBW)—In what Pensacola Bay Baptist Association director of missions Bob Greene termed an “incredibly generous gesture,” 38 pastors in his association received new suits, shirts and ties from Jacksonville clothier Jim Tatum and the Florida Baptist Convention. According to Greene, the pastors lead churches that were the most affected by Hurricane Ivan, which devastated the panhandle in September 2004.

Bible drill, speakers’ tournament assist in developing faith

ORLANDO (FBC)—Youth representing 11 states aggressively thumbed through their Bibles and gave gripping speeches at the National Invitational Youth Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament (NIT) June 10 at First Baptist Church in Orlando.

Pastor’s sons follow in his ‘consistent’ footsteps

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-by putting ball games ahead of committee meetings, Herb Reavis, pastor of North Jacksonville Baptist Church, has been a consistent role model to his three sons. His two oldest now plan to follow in his footsteps in more ways than one.

School-teacher, reservist called to ops in Iraq war

MIAMI (FBW)–Waving his arms in the universal sign for “Stop!” Air Force reservist Joseph Finn scrambled from the transport van he was driving to wave down the driver of a fuel-tanker truck headed on a collision course towards an airstrip ramp where a tanker aircraft was due to land any moment.

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