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Florida Baptists report banner year in number of baptisms and churches

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—The 2008 church year was a banner one for Florida Baptists as they baptized 41,790 new believers and netted an additional 96 new congregations, underlining the Florida Baptist Convention’s continuing emphasis on the priorities of evangelism, starting new churches, and strengthening existing congregations.

Women moved to deeper walk with Christ

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—Behind a simple cross at the center of a circular platform, Anne Graham Lotz clasped her hands, bowed her head and waited for women whose hearts were touched by the simple message she shared to come to the altar.

SBC president releases ‘Great Commission Resurgence’ declaration

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—A declaration released by SBC President Johnny Hunt calling for a “Great Commission Resurgence” among Southern Baptists drew more than 1500 signatures in the first week of its introduction.

100 Floridians endorse GCR, others concerned with wording

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—As of May 4, 100 Floridians had signed “Toward a Great Commission Resurgence,” a declaration officially released April 28 by Southern Baptist Convention President Johnny Hunt. Nationally, more than 1500 Southern Baptists have endorsed the statement.

Editorial: A real and present threat to religious freedom

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a bill protecting homosexuals and transgendered individuals from so-called “hate crimes.” With action on the bill remaining in the U.S. Senate, the president has indicated his intention to sign the bill.

Point of View: Love in the time of swine flu—and other sicknesses

“A man’s spirit will endure sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?” Proverbs 18:14

Point of View: BF&M commentary 16—The Lord’s Day

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is part of an occasional series of commentaries examining and explaining the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, the Southern Baptist Convention’s confession of faith.

Point of View: Dave Says

Dave Says is a column featuring the financial advice of nationally syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey, the Dave Says column is filled with timely, relevant questions and answers taken from actual calls on Ramsey's radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show.

Point of View: Providing shelter—The church and domestic abuse

Miriam—not her real name—is a faithful Christian. But her pastor wonders why he hasn’t seen her at church lately. The ugly truth is that Miriam is a victim of spousal abuse.

Florida Baptists view baptisms as celebrations & discipleship

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—While the Southern Baptist Convention has reported a drop in baptisms for the 2008 church year, Florida Baptists stirred the baptismal waters more than any other time in the past six years, which David Burton believes stems from the yearning of pastors to saturate their communities for Christ.

Nationally Southern Baptists in '08 give more to missions but baptize fewer

NASHVILLE (LWCR)—Southern Baptists gave 2.3 percent more to missions last year despite the economic downturn, but they lost members and baptized the fewest number of people since 1987, according to the denomination’s Annual Church Profile (ACP), compiled by LifeWay Christian Resources in conjunction with Baptist state conventions.

Florida’s language pastors trained for evangelism challenge at state conference

LEESBURG (FBC)—In a chorus of six languages, more than 400 Florida Baptists, united in worship, committed to reach the state for Christ at the 2009 Language Conference April 16-18.

Twelve led to Christ at Pasco County student outreach

ST. LEO (FBC)—For the love of the game, baseball fans gathered in Pasco County to watch St. Leo University baseball team compete against Flagler College.

Fair tent offers free dental care, haircuts

ORLANDO (Sentinel)—Todd Davis is a regular customer of the Baptist free mobile dental clinic parked inside the Central Florida Fairgrounds. It’s right next to the Baptist coffee wagon dispensing free coffee and doughnuts, and the Baptist tent offering free haircuts, clothing and plastic bags of soap, toothpaste, washcloths and deodorant.

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