May 4, 2006 Print Edition

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Missions Friends celebrates 110th birthday

FORT WALTON BEACH (FBC)–Through vivid accounts of God’s work in the U.S. and across the world, missionaries and church leaders issued a call to pray diligently, give generously, and go boldly as Christ’s witnesses during the April 21-22 Celebration of Missions at First Baptist Church of Fort Walton Beach.

Women’s lives changed through New Start ministry

ORLANDO (FBW)–According to the Gospels, the Virgin Mary was overwhelmed in hearing from the Lord’s messenger that she was going to give birth to a son. She knew she possibly would have to raise her child as a single mother. Where did she turn for help?

Did Constantine ‘invent’ the New Testament?

GRACEVILLE (FBW) – Dan Brown’s phenomenal best-seller The Da Vinci Code attacks the essence of Christianity by attacking the deity of Christ. Constantine, the fourth-century Roman Emperor, used the Council of Nicaea to “promote” Jesus from mortal to deity, Brown asserts. To certify this promotion of Jesus, Constantine further “invented” a new Bible by imperial financing that excluded other gospels by the power of the Roman Emperor.

Point of View

Three years after its original release, Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code is riding a whole new wave of publicity. With the recent plagiarism trial in Great Britain and the upcoming release of the film adaptation, the book is making headlines all over again.

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God created the world, but the opponents of Intelligent Design (ID) would have us believe that, if He did so, He did it without a trace – or that it would be unscientific to admit that you found His fingerprints on nature.

Point of View

On Nov. 6, 1998, in a three-page article in the journal Science, professor James Thomson of the University of Wisconsin reported that he had developed the first colony of human embryonic stem cells. And the controversy over that discovery continues unabated.

Adoption workshop urges biblical support of orphans

PENSACOLA (FBW)–With 135,000 children in the foster care system in the United States and an estimated 35-70 million orphans worldwide, Hillcrest Baptist Church in Pensacola is taking a closer look at how it can be part of a larger effort to promote adopting children into Christian homes.

Workshop, EvangeCube lead to swimming pool baptism

MILTON (FBC)–Nine persons were led to faith in Christ during a workshop on intentional evangelism as church leaders in the Santa Rosa Baptist Association put into practice insights learned during the three-day meeting.

Lives change, baptisms increase using IECS

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–The numbers begin to tell the story.

Gainesville pastor’s wife: Traveling, teaching & treatment

GAINESVILLE (FBW)–Freda Crawford, in the midst of treatment for multiple myeloma, renewed her passport and used it within two weeks of receiving the document. In her sixth year of struggling with cancer, Crawford is busy at Gainesville’s Westside Baptist Church, at the University of Florida, and with family members in Nicaragua.

MISSIONS: Beyond the wheelchair

MIAMI (FBW)–“If I can do it, anybody can,” said Bernadette Todd in challenging her fellow Southern Baptists to venture into the international mission field. Wheelchair-bound Bernadette Todd, a member of Christ Fellowship Church in Miami, returned recently to her home from a 10-day speaking tour in Dominican Republic, and is already planning another mission trip to Bolivia in July.

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