May 12, 2005 Print Edition

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Parental notice, abortion clinic regs go to governor

TALLAHASSEE (FBW) – In the frenetic final days of the 2005 Legislature, even while many of the governor’s legislative priorities – and those of the Legislature’s leadership – were left unresolved, pro-family forces won several major victories.

Language conference focuses on building Kingdom families

EUSTIS (FBC)—In resonant tones of Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese and other languages, 375 Florida Baptists representing the denomination’s 616 language congregations heard messages on the theme “Kingdom Families” during the April 21-23 Language Conference at Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center.

President Bush ties prayer to ‘responsibility’ at National Day of Prayer’s fifth observance at the W

WASHINGTON (BP)–The National Day of Prayer is an occasion for Americans to “ask that our nation, our leaders and our people use the freedom we have been given wisely,” President Bush said May 5 at the White House.

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Point of View

Most people are searching for significance. They have a desire to make a difference and feel the need to leave a legacy.

Point of View

The Walt Disney Company has unveiled its plans for its new theme park in Hong Kong—a perfect reproduction of Disneyland—well, not exactly “a perfect reproduction.” Changes had to be made after Disney consulted with a feng shui master. The front page of the New York Times business section reports that a specific redesign was necessary to form a perfect twelve-degree angle “to ensure prosperity.” Another walkway is being redesigned to create an angle that will keep positive chi, that is, “life energy,” from flowing into the sea. In addition, “Disney burns incense ritually as each building is finished,” and it “picked a lucky day” for the opening.

Point of View

Would you be presumptuous enough to think you can know the condition of another person’s heart? The prophet Jeremiah tells us, “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9). This being true, how could we begin to even suggest that we know the heart of another when we can’t even know our own?

BCF professor’s legacy impacted Kingdom

GRACEVILLE (BCF)–Thirty-six year Baptist College of Florida (BCF) professor Jerry “J.W.” Lee, 72, died April 23 in Graceville following a two-year battle with cancer.

Spanish studies ministry diplomas awarded

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Seminary Extension, a ministry of the six Southern Baptist seminaries, has awarded four Spanish-speaking students diplomas in pastoral ministries – the entity’s first such diplomas for coursework taught entirely in Spanish.

Blind, visually-impaired celebrants mark fellowship’s 30th annual retreat in ‘ethnically diverse’ en

EUSTIS (FBC)—The barrier of being a blind person in a sighted church is a difficult hurdle for Kori King to overcome at times—if and when she finds transportation to attend the meetings.

House passes bill protecting parents rights on abortion

WASHINGTON (BP)–The U.S. House of Representatives easily approved a bill to prevent interstate abortions on minors without parental notice April 27.

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Movies & TV exert ‘evil’ influence

Movies and television programs have become purveyors of immorality, blasphemy, and rebellion and influenced too many viewers to mimic the evil they see on the screen.

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