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Sullivan suffers ‘mild heart attack’

JACKSONVILLE (FBW) – John Sullivan, executive director-treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention, “experienced a mild heart attack” in the early morning hours of May 8 in his Jacksonville home, according to an e-mail to Florida Baptist Convention employees.

SBC President Bobby Welch ends two-month N.C. tour

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (BP)–Bobby Welch praised North Carolina Baptists at the conclusion of two months of travel across state for the “‘Everyone Can!’ Kingdom Challenge,” calling Southern Baptists to witness to, win and baptize one million people in a year.

How should Christians respond to The Da Vinci Code?

GRACEVILLE (FBW)–Dan Brown’s phenomenal best-seller is a fictional book. Why should Christians be concerned about a book of fiction? First, although written as a fictional novel, Dan Brown claims he based his book on factual data. Second, history reveals the power of novels to shape culture. Third, Brown’s novel will lead many people to adopt the position that the novel’s unhistorical premises about Jesus are correct. According to Lee Strobel, a recent survey revealed that one out of three Canadian readers believes that descendants of Jesus live on earth today. Further, George Barna’s research reveals the shocking influence of the book. Barna commented, “After all, 53% of a national sample of adults who have read The Da Vinci Code from cover to cover stated that the book had been helpful in their “personal spiritual growth and understanding.’”

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Point of View

During the Cold War, there was a great clash of civilizations – communism vs. Western liberal democracy. And it threatened to destroy us in a nuclear holocaust. I was in the White House during those years. I can tell you, it was terrifying getting those daily briefings from the military. But the danger that we face from radical Islam today is even greater than the Cold War.

Point of View

Each of the 45 appointees was allotted 125 words of testimony. Once the individual or couple had said their piece, the spotlight dimmed and then reappeared on the opposite side of the stage, ready for another 125 words from a new speaker. They called these mini-statements “testibytes.” Delivered from memory, these snapshots of call and vision, spoken mainly by husbands and wives standing side by side, reflected the spirit of Isaiah: “Here am I, Lord. Send me.”

Point of View

The thump of the heartbeat monitor eased in and out, speeding up and slowing down, but steady all the same. Hearts in our throats, we listened while little Joey swam around – in our imaginations doing flips and having a grand ole time inside his mama’s tummy.

First Person: FBCH changes lives, rescues children from drugs, abuse

As Robert settled into his new, temporary home at Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, he began to experience a lot of the things he had been denied for so long: a loving, stable Christian home with people who cared about him – a clean, safe environment where he got nutritious meals, clean clothes, good medical care, positive reinforcement, counseling, and spiritual education.

Tallahassee prays

Gov. Bush gathers with NFL players, others in Tallahassee for National Day of Prayer May 4

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