April 27, 2006 Print Edition

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2005 ACP: Florida Baptists experience decline

JACKSONVILLE (FBC) – With 270 churches not reporting, recently compiled statistics for the Florida Baptist Convention show a slight decrease in total and resident church membership in 2005. Declines also were reported in the number of churches and church-type missions.

Jacksonville soldier bolstered by prayers, Kool-Aid

JACKSONVILLE (FBW) – While PFC Christopher Wooten was defending a main supply route in central Iraq, his church in Jacksonville was praying for him. Several times during his 13-month deployment he prayed personally by phone with the ministerial staff of Fruit Cove Baptist Church.

Did Constantine ‘promote’ Jesus?

GRACEVILLE (FBW)–The identity of Jesus is the crucial issue in the relationship between the Christian faith and the 21st century religious world. Jesus serves as an important figure in several non-Christian religious movements. Jesus, for example, is an important person in the writing of the Quran and the Muslim religion. The New Age religious movement affirms that as people develop Christ-consciousness the Age of Aquarius dawns. The Jesus Seminar advocates demoting Jesus from divine status to human status.

Point of View

A pre-Easter column in The Washington Post quotes an announcement from First Lady Laura Bush’s office: “Mrs. Bush wants to make sure all families are welcome to attend the Easter Egg Roll.” The event, complete with petting zoos, staff members dressed as bunnies, and 14,200 Easter eggs, is sometimes marked by a brief visit from the president and a story read by the first lady.

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God knows where Buffalo Gap is. You probably don’t, and neither did I until a few weeks ago, but God most certainly does.

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Twelve years ago this April, a Pandora’s Box of unspeakable evil was opened in the country of Rwanda.

Point of View

Isn’t it amazing what today’s scientists can deduce from a mere rock or dust particle? Do you remember the Genesis space capsule? Scientists assured us that this important space mission, designed to gather solar atoms, would eventually enable them to explain the origin of the universe. Unfortunately, the space capsule crashed upon its return to the earth. Its parachute malfunctioned due to the fact that it had been put in backwards. Now I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned, scientists who can’t figure out which way to put in a parachute have no chance of figuring out the origin of the universe.

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Point of View

It’s a significant milestone for teens in your church family. Looking for ways to honor your church’s 2006 high school graduates? Try some of these:

Ten Florida leaders sign statement affirming Reccord

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—Ten Florida Baptist pastors and leaders were joined by 31 others who signed a statement which has been distributed affirming the integrity and achievements of Bob Reccord, former president of the North American Mission Board.

Carlos Ferrer named NAMB’s interim leader

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)—As far as the North American Mission Board goes, Carlos Ferrer has journeyed full circle.

Six new churches

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–According to a report released by the Florida Baptist Convention’s Church Planting Department, Florida Baptists started six new churches in March, 2006.

Convention opens first satellite office in Hialeah

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–The establishment of the first satellite office outside of Jacksonville signals a new, historic approach in the way the Florida Baptist Convention will collaborate with churches to reach their communities for Christ.

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