April 22, 2004 Print Edition

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Florida Senate approves parental notification

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-Florida state senators engaged in nearly two hours of impassioned debate April 15 before passing a measure designed to let voters decide if parents should be notified of their minor child’s abortion.

Pastor ‘confident’ American hostage in Iraq growing in faith

MACON, Miss. (BP)—Thomas Hamill’s faith was just beginning to grow when he was captured by militants in Iraq, said the pastor of the church he attended in Mississippi.

SBC shows growth in membership, decline in baptisms in 2003

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—The Southern Baptist Convention reported a record membership of 16,315,050, up .41 percent over 2002, and grew to 43,024 churches, an increase of 249 new congregations, according to statistics released in the 2003 SBC Statistical Summary.

Florida statistics closely mirror national ACP

JACKSONVILLE (FBC) Florida Baptists added 49 new congregations to increase to 2,756 churches and church-type missions in 2003 and grew to a record 1,072,616 members according to the Annual Church Profile statistics released this month by the Florida Baptist Convention.


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My excitement about what God is doing in the Kingdom work normally runs open throttle. But I confess that my visits to fellow Baptists in Haiti and Cuba push the throttle a little more. The Father is doing some great work in these countries.


“What a friend we have in You Know Who.” They might not be singing that hymn this Sunday at Southside Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., but they’re not far off. That’s because Southside’s joint “Baptist/Jewish worship services” are the model for a new effort at Baptist/Jewish “dialogue.” Just like Southside, some Baptists have concluded that Jewish/Christian relations are easy, if you just don’t talk about Jesus. In other words, the Jewish evangelism debate is on again.


A congregation was faced with a financial dilemma. They had just installed a very expensive, high-end audio and video system for their church sanctuary and were way over budget. To solve the problem, the congregation decided to lay off one of its two pastors. Technology, they were forced to conclude, had a higher priority than pastoral care.


Have fun with cryptography and exercise your Bible knowledge. A King James Version verse is encoded by letter substitution. The same letter is substituted throughout the puzzle. Solve by trial and error.

Orlando Magic’s DeClercq finds strength in God’s promises despite losing season

ORLANDO (FBW)-Basketball might be just a game to some, but for Orlando Magic center Andrew DeClercq, it’s a lot more.

‘Operation: Beans, Rice and Water’ to assist Haiti churches

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-Alarmed by reports of continuing hunger among the 523 Baptist churches in Haiti, Florida Baptists are being called upon once again to initiate a food distribution plan to feed children and adults who attend Haiti’s Baptist churches.

Historical Vignette: ‘The Million Soul Man’

Elamb Jackson Daniels (1908-1987) was born at O’Brien, 20 miles south of Live Oak near the Suwannee River. Daniels was one of eight children and was born into a family that had known material prosperity due to hard work and wise investing. His father was a farmer-timberman and was willing to work hard and risk. Much was lost but much was also gained. This was not lost on young E. J.

Beth Moore to speak at SBC Ministers’ Wives Conference

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Beth Moore, acclaimed Bible teacher and author, will speak to ministers’ wives on being “custom made by the Creator” at the 49th annual Ministers’ Wives Conference June 15 held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis. One of LifeWay Christian Resources’ best selling Bible study authors, Moore speaks at conferences and special events worldwide. She is founder of Living Proof Ministries, dedicated to promoting biblical literacy. Moore will expound on Colossians 3:9-10, the scriptural basis for this year’s conference theme “The Designer’s Label.”

Sunday School Conference May 15 at First Baptist, Brandon

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Advancing Kingdom work through Sunday School programs can resemble a puzzle, finding the right piece for each place to create a complete picture.

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