April 13, 2006 Print Edition

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Montana missionary catalyzes new churches

HELENA, Mont. (NAMB)–Dave Howeth rolls on down the two-lane highway in his blue Buick. While the terrain in front of him is flat for miles and miles, always off in the distance are the snow-covered mountains of southwest Montana.

Celebration of Missions slated in Ft. Walton Beach

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–The obligation and joy that comes in serving as a witness for Christ will be the focus of the 2006 Celebration of Missions Conference April 21-22 at First Baptist Church, Ft. Walton Beach.

The Da Vinci Code and American Culture

GRACEVILLE (FBW)–In 2005, Time magazine named Dan Brown one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Dan Brown has risen from college professor of English at Amherst College to an international personality because of a series of best-selling books. Brown’s suspense-filled and controversial The Da Vinci Code has been on The Publisher’s Weekly list for best-selling fictional works since the release of the book three years ago.

Point of View

Headlines around the world last week announced the publication of a “long lost” and “suppressed” ancient document, known as The Gospel of Judas. The National Geographic Society announced the publication at a major media event April 6, just in time to boost publicity for its April 9 special on the National Geographic Channel.

Point of View

If evangelical Christians in America don’t get with it pretty soon on the subject of immigration, they may well end up as embarrassed and impotent as Republicans are in California when Hispanics happen to be in the room.

Point of View

Why would well-heeled folks dress up to attend a fancy gathering where they could admire a urinal? Because it’s art, of course! Or, at least, so they think.

Point of View

It has been my privilege to pastor vibrant, lively churches for 25 years. I currently pastor a very loving and active church. Overall, my pastoral experience has been exciting and positive.

Point of View

Like today’s imaginary, albeit impregnable, wall of separation between church and state, there is also a supposedly impenetrable partition between modern-day science and religion. For instance, evolutionists insist that intelligent design be removed from the equation before figuring commences on the question of origins. Approaching the question of origins with the preconceived conviction that no Creator exists is considered good science, while approaching the question with common sense – creation is inexplicable apart from a Creator – is considered religious superstition and immediately dismissed as unscientific.

Prayer a way of life for Daytona Beach couple

DAYTONA BEACH (BP)–Light comes to Herb Crowther’s day long before dawn – he gets up around 4:30 and starts praying shortly thereafter. By 8 o’clock, he and Mickey, his wife, have eaten their breakfast and are sitting together, looking over several prayer lists, trying to wear out their third copy of Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest, reading Scripture and praying. The couple, members of First Baptist Church in Daytona Beach., has done this for decades.

Three Florida pastors named to SBC Resolutions Committee

GREENSBORO, N.C. (BP)–SBC President Bobby Welch has named three Florida pastors as members of the Resolutions Committee who will serve during the June 13-14 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Greensboro, N.C.

Palm Beach pastors: Proposed land use amendment is ‘assault on church growth’

JUPITER (FBW)–Church leaders in Palm Beach County see a proposed amendment to land development codes as “an assault on church growth,” according to Steve Stewart, pastor of Church in the Farms in Jupiter, a Southern Baptist Church.

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