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NAMB trustees unanimously approve missionary Geoff Hammond as president

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (NAMB)—By unanimous vote, trustees of the North American Mission Board March 21 voted to approve church planting missionary Geoff Hammond as president of the North American Mission Board. The vote came after trustees met in executive session March 20 to review Hammond's nomination and interacted with the candidate and his wife, Debbie.

Debt-free living focus of new SBC initiative

ORLANDO (FBW)—The first of several conferences teaching pastors the basics of debt-free living, "It's A New Day: How Will You Spend It?" in Orlando March 22-23, got to the heart of Americans' ambivalence towards fiscal responsibility.

2007 Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (NAMB)—When the North American Mission Board and the Arkansas Baptist Convention appointed Diana Lewis as state ministry evangelism director here almost 15 years ago, it was something akin to throwing the wily rabbit into the proverbial briar patch.

Point of View

It's Monday and the simultaneous feelings of depression and elation visit heavy upon me. It is the post-Sunday recount where every word is reviewed, every criticism is evaluated and every victory cherished. I ask myself, 'Why is it I pastor?'

Point of View

Need a fresh idea to honor moms at your church?

Point of View

I reached my hotel room some time ago and called my wife as I always do. We were having a very nice, normal conversation when suddenly she broke out in a blood-curdling scream and dropped the phone.

Point of View

With the battle over the inerrancy of the Bible virtually behind us in the SBC, one would hope for solid preaching to abound. Many people sitting in the pews, however, recognize the all-too-often topical preaching for what it is—junk food at best (which does not lead to health) and cotton candy at worst (which people receive initially with joy only to walk away hungry, assuming the Christian faith cannot deliver genuine substance). While topical preaching may use numerous biblical verses, such preaching falls short of "declaring the whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:28) and "feeding (Christ's) sheep" (John 21:17). To fulfill God's call for the preaching task, we need to return to expository preaching, generally defined as the explanation of a biblical passage after thorough contextual analysis, and then applied to the hearers. I want to show the biblical basis for such preaching and give a few of its benefits.

Point of View

Recently, representatives from the UN Security Council and Germany met to discuss possible economic sanctions against Iran. This came after reports that Iran has expanded its uranium-enrichment program in defiance of a Security Council resolution.

Displays of strength help bring community to Christ

INVERNESS (FBC)—Breaking stacks of burning bricks with bare hands. Bending steel rods and horse shoes. Using bodies to splinter baseball bats. All of it possible through the power of God.

Couple sees new vision for prison ministry; pastor pledges to 'lead by example'

ORLANDO (FBW)—Don and Katy Singletary are looking forward to a new day when prisoners leaving the Mayo Correctional Institute will be able to face leaving prison with a new vision of financial responsibility.

Hammond responds to state editors

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)—Shortly after being unanimously elected president by the North American Mission Board's board of trustees, Geoff Hammond spoke with editors and reporters from a dozen state Baptist newspapers. Hammond responded to a broad range of questions including his vision for NAMB, his selection process, how he will relate to state conventions, his background as a missionary, and his views on the emerging/emergent church.

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