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What Does the Bible Say About War?

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Florida churches intercede for nation, military

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-Florida Baptists left the real-time television news coverage of Operation Iraqi Freedom for several hours Sunday morning to pray, sing patriotic hymns and read Scripture passages about conflict and war. In Pensacola, Jacksonville, Coral Gables, Ft. Myers and hundreds of towns in between, congregations prayed for members already serving on the front lines; for President Bush and the country's leaders; military families left behind; and for the nation.

NAMB president lauds military chaplains

FORT LAUDERDALE (FBW)-While evangelists of all types prepared to move onto the sands of Fort Lauderdale Beach in a massive evangelism effort, the president of the North American Mission Board said 980 military chaplains are walking similar paths around the world.

House and Senate divided over video lotteries

TALLAHASSEE (FBW)-More than three weeks into Florida's 2003 legislative session, video style gambling took its first dive in the house, while the Senate passed the measure easily with a 10-1 vote March 24.


For the past two weeks, we have looked at some terms that are relevant to the sovereignty of God and the free will of man, an issue that has caused struggles within many of our churches. This week, we will examine the concept of Calvinism.


Before the war began, I flipped on the television to check the news on Iraq. There on the screen was chief UN arms inspector Hans Blix being interviewed on MTV-yes, MTV. In the interview, the man responsible for disarming the deadly Iraqi regime said, "I'm more worried about global warming than I am of any major military conflict." Really? The danger to the environment is greater than the issues of war and peace? I almost fell off the chair. That's comic opera.


Have fun with cryptography and exercise your Bible knowledge. A King James Version verse is encoded by letter substitution. The same letter is substituted throughout the puzzle. Solve by trial and error.

FBSC president Green presents $60,000 gift to FBC

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-Tommy Green, president of the Florida Baptist State Convention, visited the Baptist Building March 12, bringing stories of joy and a $60,000 gift from his church for ministry efforts in Haiti.

E-conferences planned for Gainesville, North Port & Pensacola

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-Three E-conferences designed to inspire and enhance evangelistic ministries in a specific region will be held from the Panhandle to Southwest Florida this fall.

Garcia named as communications specialist for Convention

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-Vanessa Garcia, 24, from Houston, Texas, has been employed by the Florida Baptist Convention's Communications Department as communications specialist.

One million men sought for short-term missions in 2003

JACKSONVILLE (FBC) - A clarion call for more than one million men to volunteer in 2003 for short-term missions projects at home and overseas has been issued by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

Training Update

  • Conclaves offer seniors a deeper walk with God
  • Tools for single adult ministry focus of leadership training
  • Learn how to manage culture shock, witness effectively

Mims: 'Kingdom growth supersedes church growth'

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-As a pastor, Gene Mims felt as if his pastoral career was ruled by the routine of church life, circling endlessly on a carousel, chained to monthly calendar planning. "I thought to myself, 'I'll never get off this merry-go-round.'"

Resonate 2003 speaker warns against 'double-dating' God

SEBRING (FBW)-More than 700 middle and high school students from Tampa to West Palm Beach clapped and cheered to the beat of the Christian rock band SONICFLOOd March 8 at First Baptist Church in Sebring.

USS Truman's chaplain looks for 'sparkle' in sailors' eyes

ABOARD USS HARRY S. TRUMAN, EAST MEDITERANNEAN (BP)-The atmosphere tingles with anticipation. Ordnance crews on the flight deck of the USS Harry S. Truman work quickly and efficiently to load guided munitions into dozens of aircraft, including F/A-18 Hornets and F-14 Tomcats. Hours from now, under cover of darkness, fighter pilots will carry them to final destinations - targets located somewhere in western Iraq. The drills and practice sessions are over. Operation Iraqi Freedom has begun.

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