March 23, 2006 Print Edition

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Resort missionary witnesses in Louisiana

TOLEDO BEND, La. (NAMB)–For spunky, fast-talking, fast-walking Mary Gore, it’s just another Saturday in bass-fishing paradise – Toledo Bend, La. Mary is busy doing what she does best. She’s out fishing – not for largemouth bass, but for souls.

Homosexual adoptions among watched bills

TALLAHASSEE (FBW) – Upcoming state and national elections will likely influence the Florida legislature to a greater degree than normal, Florida Baptist Convention legislative consultant Bill Bunkley told Florida Baptist Witness as he surveyed the early weeks of the 2006 annual legislative session.

Culture of evangelism a church priority

LAKELAND–(FBC) Two days of instruction, testimony and expository teaching of God’s Word inspired the 1,100 persons attending the Florida State Evangelism Conference to reach the spiritually lost in their community and world.

IMB ‘open letters’ explain decisions

RICHMOND, Va. (IMB)–International Mission Board Chairman Tom Hatley sent an “open letter” March 7 to all Southern Baptists – and a much longer letter to all Southern Baptist pastors – addressing recent decisions by IMB trustees.

Point of View

Sometimes you have to wonder about the New York Times. It printed a long, breathtakingly written, scientific-sounding piece that just had one problem: It wasn’t news. Now, why would it do that?

Point of View

If you are a Southern Baptist what do you need to know about the Cooperative Program? Is it merely a way to support the denomination, or is it a relevant, viable process that makes a difference in people’s lives beginning where you live and extending around the world?

Point of View

It’s been interesting to watch the emerging church conversation over the last few months. Important issues are being discussed. Unfortunately, like many conversations, good things are lumped together with bad and important conversations are lost in more heat than light.

2006 VBS Associational Clinics offer training

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–Each year, associational Vacation Bible School clinics provide training for about 5,000 Florida VBS workers. Florida Baptist churches will enroll thousands of children in Vacation Bible School this summer, an opportunity that represents the most extensive outreach, evangelism, and prospect-discovering event available to Florida Baptist churches.

Chinese, Haitian churches join FBC

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–According to a report released by the Florida Baptist Convention’s Church Planting Department, Florida Baptists started 11 new churches in February.

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