March 12, 2009 Print Edition

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Convention’s redesigned website has new look and more flexibility

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—The Florida Baptist Convention’s website has been refreshed, renewed and redesigned to help Florida Baptists more easily navigate its hundreds of pages.

Florida Baptist missionary says he’s ‘God-made’ to serve in South Florida

MIAMI (NAMB)—There’s an unglitzy side to Miami you’ll never see depicted on “CSI Miami.” Sure, there’s the flaunted wealth, the big beach-front homes, the flashy cars, the fast boats, and glamorous life-in-the-fast-lane for the celebrities and superstar athletes who live here.

Ormond Beach family lives its adoption beliefs

ORMOND BEACH (FBW)—Gwyn and Bob Picerne of Ormond Beach not only believe every Christian family should be involved in adoption, they live it—and have six adoptive children, literally from around the world, to prove it.

Bills may jeopardize sales tax exemptions for churches, Bibles

TALLAHASSEE (FBW)—Sweeping legislation possibly jeopardizing sales tax exemptions enjoyed by churches, religious organizations, religious schools, parochial schools and other charities has been introduced in both houses of the Florida Legislature, which began its 60-day legislative session March 3.

Editorial: President Obama’s ‘common ground’ façade

President Barack Obama ran and was elected on the promise of a new tone in Washington—rejecting the old, partisan ways and ushering in a new post-partisan era where “common ground” would be sought among long-warring factions of the body politic.

Indeed, the new tone he promised for the nation’s capital was a key component of the “change” agenda Obama would bring to the White House.

Point of view: Theological education claims our future while enhancing the Gospel

Many Florida Baptists know I have a deep commitment to providing theological education to train God-called church leaders in our state. As a result, over the past 20 years, the Florida Baptist Convention has developed a strategy for our ministry.

Point of View: BF&M commentary 14—Baptism

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is part of an occasional series of commentaries examining and explaining the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, the Southern Baptist Convention’s confession of faith.

Point of View: Dave Says

Dave Says is a column featuring the financial advice of nationally syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey and is filled with timely, relevant questions and answers taken from actual calls on his radio program.

Point of View: Chilling free speech—Mapping political persecution

Dotting the streets on a certain online map are hundreds of red teardrops. Click on a teardrop at a particular address, and come up with the words, “Patricia Greenwood. Insurance agent. $100.”

Florida Focus

A one-time announcement of special events is a free service provided by the Witness to Florida Baptist churches. Please send materials at least three weeks before the date of the event, to Florida Baptist Witness, 1230 Hendricks Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32207, fax 904-346-0696 or submitted using our online form. Items received after deadline may appear in our exclusive on-line version.

Missions education focus of Sonshine Conference in April

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—A woman in Mozambique hears the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time because half a world away Florida Baptists are praying for her.

2009 VBS Associational Clinics planned for Boomerang Express & Truth Trek

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-Each year, associational Vacation Bible School clinics provide training for about 5,000 Florida VBS workers. Florida Baptist churches will enroll thousands of children in Vacation Bible School this summer, an opportunity that represents the most extensive outreach, evangelism and prospect-discovering event available to Florida Baptist churches. The following is a list of associational training clinics for the summer VBS curriculum. For more information contact your association office or the Florida Baptist Convention Sunday School Department at 800-226-8584, ext. 3079. Dates provided for information purposes only.

VBS clinic in South Florida region

Church leaders will lend their expertise to train Vacation Bible School (VBS) leaders and instructors at the Australia’s Outback-themed South Florida VBS Clinic April 18.

Sunday School training in Big Bend area

Specialty program training, in addition to leadership and age-group sessions, will be offered at the Big Bend Sunday School Institute at First Baptist Church in Quincy April 4.

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