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Florida Baptists bring help & hope in wake of killer tornadoes

LADY LAKE (FBC)—Within hours after killer tornadoes slammed into Central Florida Feb. 2, Florida Baptist Disaster Relief and Recovery teams were mobilized with chainsaws in hand to help victims. The storm cell that spurned a possible five tornadoes left 20 people dead and four counties in a state of emergency.

Dungy proud of 'Christian values'

MIAMI (BP)—Tony Dungy closed out a soggy night riding the back of his players with his fists clinched, pointing to the sky, after his Indianapolis Colts captured Super Bowl XLI, 29-17, over the Chicago Bears Sunday night in Miami.

IMB appoints 43 new missionaries to 'look, love & live' for Christ

HIGHLANDS, Calif. (BP)—While walking in a small town in Thailand years ago, Richard Blount spotted some Buddhists entering a temple and sensed his first heart-tug for missions.

IMB board rejects Burleson's allegations of impropriety

ONTARIO, Calif. (SBT)—International Mission Board trustees meeting Jan. 31 re-affirmed a cooperative commitment to honor their responsibilities and accountability to the Southern Baptist Convention, rejecting charges of impropriety by IMB trustee Wade Burleson of Oklahoma.

Point of View

In this day of rampant relativism, when everyone is encouraged to make up their own truth and no one is permitted to criticize another's concocted convictions, feelings have replaced facts as the foundation of faith. In other words, whatever you feel good about believing is "truth" enough, regardless of whether or not it flies in the face of facts and logic. Everyone is now free to make up their own beliefs, as well as their own "facts" in support of them. Consequently, today's world is becoming increasingly populated by "make-believers"; that is, people who believe what they or others have made-up. On the other hand, real believers—people who believe in real things—are becoming increasingly scarce.

Point of View

In the spring of 2006, 1,000 British Muslims were polled. The results were alarming:

Point of View

Every year since 1973, millions of Americans have paused to remember the day when new words entered the American vocabulary. Words fraught with ambiguity, like "the right of personal privacy." Euphemisms, like "terminate one's pregnancy." Obscure phrases, like "the penumbras of the Bill of Rights." January after January we take time to remember these words and the carnage they have caused.

Point of View

Each year since 1989 Prison Fellowship has given the William Wilberforce Award to that one person who has made a substantial difference in the face of formidable societal problems. As I mentioned last week, this year marks the two-hundredth anniversary of William Wilberforce's great achievement, the abolition of the slave trade, the story told beautifully in the major film to be released next month, Amazing Grace. So when the award was announced earlier this month, it was difficult to imagine a recipient more suited to it than Gary Haugen, founder of the International Justice Mission and champion of the ongoing struggle to end human trafficking.

Chicago Bears' Lovie Smith puts God 'in the center'

MIAMI (BP)—Lovie Smith had a limited amount of time during his Super Bowl XLI media session Monday, but the Chicago Bears head coach said he could spend hours talking about his star players and their efforts to get the team to their first Super Bowl berth in 21 years.

Tony Dungy makes Super Bowl breakfast a priority

MIAMI (BP)—Athletes in Action celebrated its 19th Annual Super Bowl Breakfast with Tony Dungy as the first-ever Super Bowl coach to appear in person a day before the most pivotal juncture in his coaching life.

Tornadoes kill three of Paisley Baptist congregation

PAISLEY (FBW)—First Baptist Church in Paisley is grieving the loss of three in its church family. Billy Nolan, 37, and his son, Jacob Nolan, 7, and David Downing, 15, were killed when tornadoes destroyed their families' homes in the early morning hours of Feb. 2.

IMB strategies 'floundering,' more missionaries needed

ONTARIO, Calif. (SBT)—International Mission Board chairman John Floyd of Tennessee had a personal question to ask of the 79 trustees who gathered Jan. 29-31 in Ontario, Calif., as they imagined a day when all unreached people groups are engaged with the Gospel.

Arrests in racial killings help heal social wounds

JACKSON, Miss. (BP)—As a 71-year-old man faces prosecution in connection with the violent deaths of two black teenagers nearly 43 years ago, Southern Baptist ethicist Richard Land said the phrase "justice delayed is justice denied" is unduly pessimistic.

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